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The Stanford Prison Experiment

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Buy custom The Stanford Prison Experiment essay

The Stanford prison experiment was initiated and conducted by Philip Zimbardo a famous Psychologist in the beginning of 1970’s.Philip did this experiment in conjunction with his colleages.The research was aimed at finding out the “social psychology of power”. On carrying out the experiment Philip used a simulation environment of a prison setup that involved healthy and stable normal people for participants all in a prison. He assigned roles using randomization of either a prisoner of a warden role to all the participants (Julia C.Berryman, Elizabeth M.Ockleford, Kevin Howells, David J.Hargreaves, DianeJ.Wildebur 2006, P.75) After six days of the experiment the participants whose role of prison wardens had been assigned to became so draconian in dealing with their felloe participants who had been assigned the prisoners’ role. This crude and in human treatment of fellow participants lead to the pre-maturely suspension of the experiment.

The end result of the experiment was that as per Zimbardo analysis Tyranny was a result of powerful roles assigned to individuals. In this case despite the entire participants being equal when they were being recruited for the experiment.The introduction of the roles of prisoner and warden changed every thing.

Philip Zimbordo’s concept of social psychology of power is practical in today’s setting in that despite individuals being born free of status. The roles that they are accorded by the society either make or break their moral fiber. In our houses today, when the parents go on vacation and leave an elder child in charge of the other siblings the one left in charge always abuses his powerful role to victimize the rest.

In conclusion, it is prudent to note that Philips concept is applicable to the modern society.

Buy custom The Stanford Prison Experiment essay

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