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Though I had a very small issue with citations in the text, the positives totally outweighs that small fraction of an error. Great style of the writer helped me get high grades on my paper. I also liked the fact that he was in constant contact throughout and was working on it full time. Amazing thoughts written in it and the vocabulary was more than what I had. I needed a dictionary just to understand some of the words and diction used. Again, I was very very pleased with the turnout and I appreciate the help so much. Recommended? The writer that worked on my paper I would recommend as he was able to put into words the thoughts I had. How does our service compare to the competition? Your site is much better than the other site I previously used some years back. They offered the same service but in the end I had to re-write it myself as I was not impressed with their content.
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It helped me pass my subject so there’s nothing more that needs to be said. I got what I wanted! Recommended? Probably yes!
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Yours is the best essay service I have ever used.Recommended? Certainly.
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Your service was impressive and timely as usually. My thanks for your first-rate help! Recommended? Completely!
Jane, Pasadena, CA, USA
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