The Case of Becky [college essay]

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Becky is a 23 year old girl and college going student. She belongs to the Caucasian race and She lives in small apartment with no hobbies. She always wanted to spend the time alone. She always thinks that she is only alone person. Either she lives with loneliness or she blames her mother. The way of lifestyle is an indication of depression. During such period of depression she will not have any motivations and goals except living lonely life.


Since she did not has any hobbies and goals she used to spend the timings on watching TV, eating, lonely living in apartment etc. Though she supposed to attend the class, she occasionally attends class. She uses the time just on keeping quite and lives with lonely. Besides she get nervous whenever see the blood. The present level of lifestyle causes her to stay in the depression mood. And such depression is continued for years at least more than two.

Though she lives in such abnormal condition for which nobody supposed to live, yet she has concrete ideas about her mate. Her goal about mate is to get such mate for which he should accept and give freedom according to her choice only.


· Becky friends identified that she never able to maintain friendships or romantic relationships.

· Becky has different images that are unstable and she fells that she maintains dual role personality i.e. One role for private and one role for pubic. She tries to learn about her identity when she accompany with other people, though she is not true at that time.

· The clinginess sends a message to the boyfriend or girlfriend stating the person cannot live without them. The Becky also same feeling though she prefers loneliness yet clingy.

· When Becky feels that the other person is pulling away, she leaves that person before she has been left by such person.

· Becky also feels that she has been attacked with bullying during childhood and continued.


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