USA Schooling Systems [essays help]

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In any country in the world, the schooling system depends on many factors such as economical, political and socio-cultural factors. However some countries industrialization has played a major role in these schooling systems and the aforementioned factors that is of culture, political and economical. This paper will analyze how industrialization has led to the expansion of schooling and how schooling has been shaped by economic, cultural and political systems in the United States of America.


Industrialization started in the early 19th century in the United States of America. This industrialization era was characterized by many factories sprawling up, inventions and innovations of new machines and products. This phenomenon led to the rural urban migration and many suburbs emerged in industrialized towns. This translated to the increasing populations in and around these industrialized towns and cities. In turn the increase of social amenities like health facilities and schools were necessary and there was need to increase them. In this case the schooling systems started to change by expanding drastically. In the other hand, industrialization led to the dramatic growth of the American economy which enabled many parents to take their children to schools and best colleges and universities. Schools were strained by large numbers of students especially in urban areas because of the large populations. Industrialization also affected cultural set ups which in turn featured in the schooling systems of the United States of America. After the banning of slavery people worked together, children, both whites and blacks went to the same schools and in these urban industrialized areas they shared neighborhoods. Without leaving women behind, they left their homes to work in various factories for a pay and this is one main factor that shaped the schooling systems in the reason that people started realizing the need of educating girls to be productive economically later.

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