Tips on How to Write a 500-Word Essay

How to Write 500 Word Essay


If you’ve never written 500-word essays before, you definitely need some guidance, because otherwise, you have chances to fail at accomplishing this task on a decent level. After reading this article you will understand how to write a 500-word essay that your tutor will remember!

Usually, this type of essay requires a typical formatting featuring double space intervals, Times New Rime font etc. However, it is best to specify this with your department to make sure that you’re working according to the requirements. As other types of essays, 500-word essay also requires you to know the topic that you’re working with and persuade the reader that you have enough evidence and expertise to back up your argument. The biggest difference between 500-word essay and other types of the essay is that it is limited in length. You need to be very brief in order to squeeze all your thoughts and information in 500 words while remaining logical and comprehensive. Because there’s a word limit, you need to be very selective.

500-word essay includes the same elements as most of the essay types:

  • Outline. It’s not exactly a part of the essay, but it’s an initial and essential part of writing. The outline is basically a draft that includes main details, quotes, thoughts and key aspects of your essay.
  • Introduction. This part should include your main argument and it should also capture the attention of the reader right away so that they are interested in reading all paper.
  • The body of work. The body of work. Once you know that this type of essay is limited to 500 words it should be easier for you to write the paper according to this limit. When working on the main part it’s important not to get carried away by the stream of thoughts and spend all your efforts on providing evidence to back up the main argument that you have mentioned in the introductory part.
  • Conclusions. This section gives the reader a final conclusion about your paper. Make a summary of your work in one or two brief and precise sentences, giving some space for your personal thoughts.

Keep in mind that simply following the given structure won’t guarantee you good results. There are much more details to a good 500-word essay than that. For instance, style is very important and it is advisable to vary your style depending on your topic. If you’re working on a narrative essay include lively pictures and detailed descriptions. If it’s a research, avoid vague language and be very precise and brief. Understand who your audience is and always keep its needs in mind while working on your paper. When you finish writing your essay, read it a couple of times two or three hours after its completion in order to make sure that it’s free from punctuation, grammatical and spelling errors.

When you see that your essay is clean, free from errors, is well-structured and is interesting to read – it’s ready to be given to your tutor.

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