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Things No One Tells You about Your First Year of College

prepare for new college year


You have probably already packed your stuff and are now waiting eagerly to meet your future roommates. But what is being a freshman really like? Here are several things about the freshman life that nobody tells you.

1 You Might Not Find Friends Right Away

Just like any relationship, friendship needs time. Chances are high that you will not find great friends on your first day or even week, and that is okay. You will make new friends naturally and you never know when and where you will meet the right people.

2 You Are Not Weird if You Do Not Drink

During your freshman year, you might experience some pressure to drink, but it is not necessary that you will be considered weird if you choose not to drink. Always remember that it should be your personal decision. You will be surprised when find out how many students do not touch alcohol. Just keep in mind that there are just as many non-alcohol related events and activities, as there are alco-parties. Check out the college’s website to find out what is available.

3 Your Intro Classes Might Be Boring

Often, those first classes give students a major case of deja vu. You might even ask yourself whether you have learned this stuff already in high school. However, this does not mean you have to take this as a free pass to skip classes. Rather than doing so, look on the other side: preparing for exams is going to be much easier.


4 You Might Need More Time to Get Over Homesickness

It is absolutely okay to miss your home whether you are going to study abroad or just in the nearby town. From your mother’s special dish to snuggling with your dog, sometimes you cannot stop missing even those little things. You might require more than a couple of days to adjust to the new environment and feel comfortable. You should not feel wrong if you are finding it complicated to adapt to the new place. Concentrating on keeping yourself busy might help you for the first time.

5 You Really Do Not Have to “Dress Up” for Classes

You really should not feel pressure to wear stilettos to each of your classes. In most colleges, there is no official dress code so most of your classmates will be wearing simple sweaters and sneakers. Even when you have days off, it would be better to wear comfortable clothes for going out. Make it a habit to always wear what makes you feel the most comfortable.

6 You Are Not a Sociopath if You Do Not Take Part in Greek Life

Being a part of Greek life is great, but if you are not it does not make you anti-social. There are numerous other ways to meet people, just do not limit yourself.