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As writers, we ought to be a skeptical and unsympathetic lot. Some time back, just before the midterm, a young and sexy female with an Iranian originality came and stood very close to me and hinted to me that she was ready to do anything to get straight A's. On understand what she was up to, I made a suggestion that she can still get a straight A's by working harder. On saying this, the young female said that she had a problem and immediately burst into tears.

The problem with the lady was that she was in the United States of America courtesy of an academic grant that demanded she gets straight A's in her courses. The lady added that if she failed to get straight A's, she would have to drop out of school and go back to her mother country, Iran. This is because on dropping out of school, she would lose her visa as a student.

To add salt to the injury, the lady also confessed that since her father had given support to Shah, if she went back to Iran, without any doubt, they would shoot her. On hearing this I told her, "Okay, I suppose the best thing for you to do is work harder." She got irritated and left immediately. However, that was not the end of it all since a week later the same young woman came back to me but this time round, she had a different story.

On her second visit, she promised to tell the whole truth and stop exaggerating as she had done last time with her Iranian story. She admitted and owned up that it was actually her husband who was paying for her school tuition. The case was somewhat similar to the first case since the husband still wanted her to get straight A's but for a different reason. The problem was that the husband never believes that women should have a chance to go to college for his own reasons.

This, therefore, meant that if the young woman was to go to college on his money, the condition was to get straight A's. Failure to get straight A's would not result in her being shot like in the first case but would lead to a beating, which I guess is equally scaring. This time round I believed her story and my response to her did change and I suggested just to buy papers, buy papers online at because they have helped me lot of times during my academic years and now I'm the writer of this company.

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