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Effective Ways to Relieve Stress

Effective Ways to Get Rest


Living in the modern world you cannot hide from stress and tension, because society squeezes us as lemons and sets hardly attainable demands, making stress an integral part of our lives. Anxiety can arise from family problems, tensions at work, financial difficulties, our own health problems or ordeals of our friends and relatives, or from the horrible news coming from television sets daily.

At times you can eliminate the source of stress and at times you can’t. Very often when we can’t change the external cause of stress, we get even more stressed. The truth is that external issues only trigger our inner problems and reactions that make us suffer, making us the only real source of our stress. Look at Tibetan Buddhist monks – they’ve lost their homeland, they’ve suffered and endured inhuman tortures in in Chinese prisons, yet they remain equanimous and compassionate even towards to people who tortured them. You see, even though the external circumstances caused them to suffer, they have remained untouched due to serenity and tranquility within. Even not being Buddhist monks, we can also learn to be more resilient. And here’s how you can train yourself to do this.

Top 5 Tips for Dealing with Stress:

  1. Change your reaction. Understand that it’s not about external circumstances, but about your reaction to obstacles. Wise people say that your life depends 10% on events happening around you and 90% on your reaction to them. Change your reaction and your life will change.
  2. Release tensions from your body. Very often there’s a lot of tension in our body and muscles and we keep it this way without even realizing it. Pay attention to your body and once you feel the tension in certain body parts, relax them until it disappears.
  3. Pay attention to your thoughts. There’s one golden rule that unfortunately, only a few people know. The crucial magnitude of it should be underlined – whenever you feel stressed, you’re visualizing, thinking about or experiencing something that you don’t want to happen. Let me ask you a simple question – if someone would offer you a plate of mud, would you eat it? “Of course not!” – you would answer. So why are you eating all this mud accumulated in your mind? Understand that these heavy thoughts drain your energy. Once you notice a heavy and disturbing thought entering your mind, shift your focus to something else right away or learn to evaluate the difficult situation from the positive angle. Most of the situation have this angle, just try.
  4. Talk to people who make you stressed. If there are people who make you stressed, talk to them. If they change their behavior – excellent. If they don’t – stop communicating with them. If you can’t stop communicating – limit your communication and try to change your attitude.
  5. Find reasons to laugh. If you notice that you get too serious, try to find a reason to laugh.

Implement these useful pieces of advice and watch your life transforming!