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A Girl’s Best Friend

I have two dogs at home, Chuggy and Coco. I love them very much as they both give companion and help me kill boredom. Chuggy and Coco have both similarities and differences. One similarity is that they are both male dogs but they co-exist peacefully.

When it comes to grooming, Coco enjoys being groomed and love taking a bath. He has a smooth short coat and is naturally a clean dog.  To keep his coat beautiful and shiny, he must be groomed at least four times a week. I check him for spots scabs, infection, flaky skin and other problems. This takes about five to ten minutes a day.

Chuggy has a long hair. He is a kind of breed that requires less grooming than other breeds. In fact, he is very easy to keep groomed. Brushing his hair is very important. It is necessary to keep his coat smooth and also to aid in natural shedding. I brush him once per week but if he shed quite a bit, I brush him more than once per week. I use a damp cloth or a soft bristle brush to brush him. Due to his lifestyle, I normally bathe him once a month. He has a habit of grooming himself and make himself clean. He does not spend so much time outside so he is not exposed to dirt.

On temperament and personality, Chuggy is an entertaining, comical dog .he has an eccentric and peculiar personality. He has a reputation of being suspicious, noisy and threatening to strangers. He loathes any other person apart from my family members. He is standoffish but will approach someone when he feels it’s the good time to do so. Sometimes he is very friendly and will go to anyone. He lives happily with Coco and the cat in my house but he raises a ruckus when he sees a strange dog. Chuggy seems to recognize other dogs from his breed. They play together, lick each other's ears and snuggle together to keep each other warm.

Chuggy likes warmth, he will look for a sun spot and bask. He tunnels under towels and blankets. I am always careful when sitting down on the bed or sofa as he could be tucked under.

Coco on the other is gentle and not quite hyperactive. He is quite lazy and can be perfect for a small home. Even families with little kids will do well with Coco. He was playful when he was a puppy and restless but he became composed and calm when he matured. Sometimes he is mischievous and hard headed. He sometimes disregards orders from me. He is a kind of a breed that is known to be affectionate to little children and its owner. He tries very much to seek attention from me which is very important as it keeps him happy. If it does not get attention from us it can be destructive.

When it comes to feeding, Chuggy eats much less food than Coco. Chuggy eats a quarter to half cups of high-quality dry food per day. Coco eats between one and a half cups to two cups of dry food per day, divided into two meals. If I am giving them manufactured food, I add a small amount of canned food. I also give them supplements to balance their diet and to make their coats shiny.