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A Physical Therapist

Being a physical therapist has been my dream career ever since I graduated in Applied Exercise Science from Springfield College in 2009. At college, I had a passion for clinical exercise physiology and pathophysiology. The passion for being a physical therapist drove me to worked in the health care profession during my college education. I worked at the McLean Health Center as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), and when I was there, I highly endeared myself to the laid down responsibilities of my work. I enjoyed working at the health center and was able to meet the challenging tasks that were assigned to me. I particularly took a lot of pleasure in assisting patients in a range of motion exercises. I helped the patients to walk around, to stretch themselves and engaged in some personal care. These are tasks that I enjoyed a great deal. I was required to document changes in physical and emotional status of the patients which I did with a lot of pleasure. Since learning is a continuous process, through this, my knowledge on how to handle patients also expanded. I developed high passion for health care education and through this; I opted for internships in the same field. I completed two internships of 90 and 100 hours in college. These internships made me more reliable for physical therapy for in these; I learned the components of weight training and cardiovascular exercise in developing a training routine, and the physiological adaptations that occur.

At the Pulmonary Rehabilitation Baystate Medical Center, I also taught and observed education classes on maintenance with pulmonary diseases, and their physiological effects on exercise, and the medications associated with each disease. I led exercise sessions including weight training, an aerobic portion, monitoring an increase in exercise capacity and modifying clients' regiments. It was also at this center that I did a research on pulmonary diseases, their medications, physical effects on exercise, and the current standards of practice as accepted through the AACVPR. I had a great time at the Baystate Medical Center. I learned a lot on the issue of physical education which helped me to be effective in pursuing my passion.

At The Hospital of Central CT, New Britain, I took a 500 hours intern in cardiac rehabilitation where I had numerous responsibilities which I performed to the letter. I co-led exercise sessions in weight training and cardiovascular exercise and modified each client's regiment, observing and interpreting their ECG during exercise.

Teaching on maintenance to classes with cardiovascular diseases, I also included lectures and a comprehensive ECG interpretation examination. I observed cardiovascular disease screenings and cardiovascular surgeries, as well as attending lectures on metabolic diseases, exercise capacity, medication associated with each specific disease, and observed classroom lectures with individuals with these diseases. Through all these, I came to realize that passions lied in exercise physiology, pathophysiology, and the rehabilitation process. If I obtain an admission as a physical therapist, then my education and training as a CAN could be utilized well as I continue working with the very passions that I have for my work. A degree in Physical Therapy would prepare me academically, physically and even mentally for the better in Sports, and the Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Specializations.

I have realised that to be fully effective in the pursuit of passion I have to to be well conversed and knowledgeable about the most efficient and innovative physical therapy methods. I have placed myself in precious situations giving myself publicity and experience to physical therapy. It took me 250 hours as an intern at Rocky Hill at a fitness club where I assisted and observed trainers conditioning teams and athletes. I also assisted in the implementation of strength and conditioning programs. Giving treatment to athletes who went through injuries and overseeing practices and games of the women and men's soccer teams was one of the things I enjoyed most.

Through my learning and interaction I have to relaize that an athlete when injured faces two uphill tasks to come back from injury: re-teaching his body to get back to its unique range of motion, as well as the fight within his mind to maintain a customary therapy regiment and not turn out to be discouraged. Given a chance to pursue Sports Therapy, my knowledge in Applied Exercise Science, and my internship at a sports club will help me understand the mechanisms of sport that can cause injuries. This will help me in prescribing treatments for patients that will prevent their loss of muscular and cardiovascular integrity as well as preventing de-training from bed rest. As a CAN, and working side by side with physical therapists, I have come to realize that hospital care is more bodily challenging than the out-patient care and the physical therapists in the hospital have extremely firm time slots for treatments. I also observed that therapists in out patient care seemed to care for more patients per time period, due to the fact that they could slot in less manual therapy in treatment than those in a sanatorium since in-patient patients are characteristically more incapacitated and require more practical care.

With my great personality, attitude towards work and desire to help the needy, expressed in my volunteer work, I realized that given chance to pursue a course in physical therapy, I could either work as an out-patient or in-patient therapist, if only to help the needy. If given a chance to pursue pathophysiology via cardiac and pulmonary physical therapy, then my experience in pulmonary and cardiovascular rehabilitation will be put to test. This will enable me to exploit my experience for the benefit of other people since I have the knowledge in the medications, physiology, and prescriptions that are connected to cardiac and pulmonary diseases.

My desire to continue learning at Springfield College illustrates my dedication to the field of health care and the trust I have in the college as the best place to learn physical therapy. Thank you so much for your kind consideration.

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