Action Planning


The need to learn is one of the most important elements not only in the development of the company but also in the development of humanity in general. The following discussion is a reflection of the essence of an action learning program that should enhance the overall efficiency of the company. The course showed various keys to the effective design of the program and its successful implementation. It is important to understand the myriad of problems that the company should address before the execution of the program. The following discussion reflects the issues aroused in the company, the need and the readiness of the enterprise to implement the program, as well as its elements that should work to solve the specific problems of the company. In the end of the discussion, the main peculiarities of action learning program and its elements aimed to solve the existing problems are highlighted.


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Main Areas of Improvement

The course successfully helped to understand the current performance of the company as well as its key areas which require immediate improvement. In fact, it became obvious that leadership communication, leadership self-awareness, and employee’s feedback do not develop to the extent of outstanding business efficiency. In addition, it is essential to review the overall action learning activities in the company that should broaden the horizon of the employee’s general understanding of leadership efficiency and the performance management (Glassner & Eran-Zoran, 2015). For example, the company experiences a lack of understanding based on leadership, which sometimes creates problems for high-quality performance management in terms of the implementation of the plan. In fact, there were cases when employees displayed a full understanding of the problem and the need to take immediate action, but as soon as  the time of action approached, there appeared various challenges and complications. It means that there is a weak leadership communication that generally is aimed at clarifying the performance of every employee. In addition, it is possible to suggest that there is a problem with the delivery of messages. Otherwise, there would be no delays in the execution of the task, and it would be less problematic and challenging to solve the issues of the internal environment. The course also helped to understand that there is a need to design and implement the action learning program, which will most likely solve the majority of the problems in the performance management system.

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Action Learning Program Benefits

The discussed problematic matters of the company can have resolution founded on the different points of view. Nevertheless, the action learning program should be helpful in the enhancement of business wisdom as well as the ability to criticize personal performance on the daily basis. In addition, it is crucial to design an appropriate action learning program, which will include meetings and coaching activities aimed at solving the problems of communication and leadership in general. However, remembering that practice equals 80% of the success of an action learning program is another essential aspect (Weinstein, 1998). It means that the new program will become effective in case of immediate and thoughtful implementation. Otherwise, it would be useless from the point of view of business development and employee growth. Further, it is important to use the program for the improvement of planning not only at the strategic level of the company’s performance, but also at the level of the employee’s activity (Pittaway, Missing, Hudson, &Maragh, 2009). In general, the main hope for the program is that it will unite three elements including leadership, motivation, and communication in a single system, which will influence the company’s internal environment in a positive way. From my own point of view, the action learning program should provoke a powerful boost of the company’s performance, which in its turn, can help to achieve success by addressing the problems and solving them as soon as they occur.

Organization’s Readiness to Implement Action Learning Program

The assessment of the company’s performance indicated that there are some predispositions, which can help the company implement the program and move to another stage of development. It became obvious that employees are looking for appropriate support and informational nourishment, which can help to identify the problems and the possible solutions to them. In fact, the action learning program should become the key to the employee’s understanding of the internal processes of the company. It is impossible to disagree with the results of the quiz that reflect the truth about the company’s readiness to implement the action learning program. However, it might be challenging for the employees to accept the transformation in the company’s performance at once. Nevertheless, appropriate change management techniques applicable to the specific staff will be helpful in the overall acceptance of the needs to change. In general, the expectations of the action learning program implementation are positive enough to hope for the company’s rapid optimization in terms of leadership, communication, and motivation. However, the program may even outline new problems never observed before because of the inappropriate feedback of employees.

Action Learning Program Design

First, it is important to mention that the overall goal of the action learning program is to nurture the company’s performance with a balanced system of management able to meet the needs of employees with the help of effective leadership and communication. The benefits of action learning programs should continuously aim to strengthen employee retention strategy. In fact, the selected set will include the head of the company as well as managers from all departments. Nevertheless, the important point in the development of the company is meetings where all employees should be present to give the chance to address the problems from every angle of the performance management. In addition, the participants of the meetings should listen to various complaints and react to them in an appropriate way in order not to demotivate employees to share feedback. Such sittings are to be held on a weekly basis, while overall meetings should take place every two weeks in order to monitor the progress of the action learning program. These meetings should also encourage employees to ask various questions in order to nourish themselves with appropriate information. The questions may vary from issues in the routine activities to managerial decision-making or various management principles. Regardless of the nature of the question, it will launch a continuous learning process based on coaching and mentorship for every employee. From this perspective, it will be possible to take care of leadership communication and employee feedback. Moreover, every posed question will clarify the problem, rather than the symptoms (Marquardt, 2004). Further, the meetings will come to another part of the action learning program, namely action. In this way, the members of the group will take care of every department by addressing the diversity of problems heard at the meetings. Learning, in its turn, comes from the experiences faced not only by managers but also by employees. Everyone will learn how to outline the problem, evaluate, and solve it. In this way, the company will engage itself in a continuous process of learning and obtaining managerial experience.


In conclusion, the paper presented a brief overview of the action learning program. It revealed the essence of the problem within the company and the myriad of actions aimed at solving it. In general, the discussion covered the valuable information obtained from the course, which builds the significance of managerial wisdom in terms of action learning. Finally, the paper emphasized the need to consider employee feedback in order to understand the problems at all levels of the company’s activity. Thanks to the course, it became possible to know the steps and activities that aid to eliminate the problems.

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