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Active Directory Design

mplementation of an active directory design in Riordan manufacturing Company

Of the recent past, there have been improvements in computer technology that are aimed at ensuring efficiency in companies as they help them adopt best practice. Advanced directory system is one of those developments.


Computers have been of great importance to the management of an organization; however, it came with costs in terms of installation and human resources. Innovators are developing more user-friendly systems with the sole aim of ensuring quality without compromising the main goal of an organization; making profits. Active directory system is a system that integrates an organizations computer system in a way that it can be operated from a central point; this eases management and control of the systems. Implementation of the system takes some processes; the success of the system is dependent on how well the system has been implemented. This report will give a plan on the processes that are involved in developing a successful active directory system.



Riordan Manufacturing company; involves itself in the manufacture of plastic products, it is an international operator that customers involve government ministries, automobiles makeĀ and manufacturers of products packed in plastics. To generate the problem and get an in-depth analyses of the efficiency of the systems currently adopted, the information and communication department should analyze the current system and the one that has been developed of late in the market; this can be through using questionnaires and secondary sources of data.


The processes that are involved in developing any project starts with problem identification, this is analyzing the need of the company; analyzing what the current system falls short of. The company’s start point is appointing a project analyst and project manager. The analyst should be a specialist in information technology and the manager as the overall response point. They are jointly responsible for the development of the system. The following are the steps that the system should undergo;

  1. Project initialization

Generating the problem is the initial stage of project development; the weak points of the current system should be well defined. How well the problem is defined will affect the success of the solution to be developed.

  1. Design process

This is the stage that all the areas to be affected by the new development, the following are the areas to be considered in an active directory system;

  • Analyze the forests in the organization
  • Analyze the trees and
  • domain forest

Analyzing the above is based on the number of users and the scope that each of forest. This is the stage that quality is maintained; the following are some of the ways that quality can be maintained. Depending on the needs and size of the company a single or hybrid forest design should be adopted.

  • Use of six sigma quality control approach
  • Use of benchmarking methods
  1. Design implementation

This is the final stage that the project will undergo, it is the actual setting the program running, implementation starts with running the program alongside with the tradition system. This will enable the developers to learn the weak points of the new system that can be improved without affecting the operations of the company. A system project has special features than others since there is the need to transfer information from the older system into the new system; this is done part before the program has been implemented and in the test running implementing stage. Documentation and training of the users of the system are better done when the two systems are running concurrently. After it has been proved that the system can effectively replace the tradition one, then the old system can be switched off for the new one (Microsoft, 2010).

Theoretical framework: as technology improves and the change in the business treads in this era of computers, the management should be vibrant to learn the current status of technology. Information and communication department is mandated with analyzing the technology market and adopt the best for the organization.

Proposal visual for this design

The design of the program is dependent on the backlog/volume of work that it is implemented to handle. There are various areas that are affected by the decision to make a change to another program our case switching to advanced directory design system, the human resources and the physical resources that are to be used in the program should be considered. The treads of the business that the program is likely to affect should be considered when developing the system; the following diagram shows a program design affecting both technical and management factors.

For a successful program the above areas should be thought of when making a decision to change the system.

Guideline/background of what should be covered in this plan Information

For a computer system, that is capable of serving an entire organization, then both the hard ware and software adopted should of level that can hold the backlog. In Active directory, there is the need of at least Window 2000. It is capable of integrating organization systems; having a centralized server that has a limited access will be of assistance of the system. The micro processor that the company should adopt should be strong one P4 processors or above is fast enough to serve the entire population in the organization. The users and the scope of destination of a forest should be designed and well defined. It should be remembered that when switching the systems, data backup should be maintained in case of any uncertainty (Leebaert, 1999).

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