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Admission Essay

For a long time, I have been fascinated by how medical practitioners provide care to patients with different needs in an effective way. This fascination has grown into motivations that which has made me realize the need to advance my education so as to increase my expertise in the medical frontier and in the end achieve my professional goal. With such a noble goal, I have realized that Program in Liberal Medical Education (PLME) being offered by Brown University bridges the gap between my present experiences and my goal of becoming (mention goal). This is possible since the course offers subjects that are essential and integral to my career.

My decision to enroll at the PLME program is reinforced by the fact that my combination of subjects offers a perfect match to the subjects available for the program. Having a wide range of liberal arts subjects, I am positive that my that my interests for art subjects will be well addressed. Furthermore, the liberal arts being offered through the undergraduate management will allow me to take subjects that touch on areas of management and philosophy needful in equipping me with skills of both for managing people and analyzing decisions in a healthcare environment. As a result of these courses, I see myself at the end of the program a mature individual, able to apply management and decision making skills to improve delivery of health care services.

Not to mention, being intrigued by science subjects dovetails with the availability of science-oriented subjects in the professional studies in medicine under the PLME program. With science related subjects, I am convinced that I will be able to benefit from the university competency-based curriculum that has been adopted at the Warren Alpert Medical School. In so doing, my skills and experience in natural sciences will, without doubt, be developed paving way for my success. With science subjects being offered in the program, I hope to acquire the skill for preforming different practices which will bolster my theoretical and experimental skills necessary for my success in PLME program and in my career at lasts.

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