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I count myself privileged to have grown up in two different cultures which have both significantly shaped me as an individual. The lessons I have learned from the blending of the cultures has, without doubt, developed and reinforced my values, attitudes, and goals that I would like to achieve. Having being born by Indian parents, the Indian culture has fascinated me since I was a small child. However, my growing up in the American culture has indeed bolstered my individual development. When I look at myself and reflect on my values and beliefs, I cannot help but be grateful for my Indian heritage as well as the American culture that I have grown up in for these cultures have dovetailed to shape who I am and what I want to be. As I look forward to be a doctor, I am positive that my desire to be part of India's heath care system will be made a reality by the degree program from Carnegie Mellon coupled reinforced with the reinforced with my American values.

My parent's efforts to raise me up as a well-rounded person have continued to intrigue and at the same time motivated me towards hard work and creativity. Often, I spend most of my time watching Indian movies and reading books which have instilled me with Indian cultural values despite being in America. From both cultures, I am positive that I have become a generous and compassionate person with the desire to extend my help to others regardless of their cultural diversity. From the influence of notable Indian personalities like Mahatma Gandhi, India Krishnamurthy, and Sonia Gandhi, I have strengthened my belief in the need to uphold equality and rights within the society. With women Sonia Gandhi being one of the well-educated women in India, I am compelled to further my education and career as a doctor so as to touch the lives of those in the community. Most importantly, I have become open minded and accommodative through the American culture. With the dovetail of these two cultures and a degree form Carnegie Mellon, I see myself a well-rounded doctor serving the community with zeal and zest.

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