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Alcoholism and Liver Transplant

Negative implication of alcoholism: Heavy consumption of alcohol can severely damage the organs of the victims, with the liver more susceptible to pronounced damage. Most of the times, such intensive alcoholism would lead to total destruction of the liver such that transplant is the only alternative to saving such a life.

However, if a question of whether we should conduct transplant is asked, many people are likely to argue against, purporting that the victims ought to have known better the negative implication of their behavior. As a matter of fact, many go to the extent of arguing that such behavior is synonymous to committing suicide and therefore the victims should be let to die.

They Deserve to Live

If we were to look at it from the point of "man is to error", we would support the transplant. Such health complications results from a deadly and a cunning challenge of addiction. We can all fall victims of addiction. Nobody starts drinking with an aim of becoming an addict. On the other hand, there are many people who develop addiction slowly without knowledge of it and have no one to warn them. By the time they are discovering, they are too immersed to stop.

I also look at it from another angle. How many sicknesses do we develop from negligence and negative living? I ask myself, should the lives of those who engage in life-destructive such as careless driving or engage in activities that jeopardizes their lives be saved? Health complications such as diabetes, bulimia, and anorexia among others are as a result of man failure in one way or the other; should they be treated? Are alcohol addicts not human being as those?

The whole reason behind being a doctor is to save lives; if a doctor is not doing so, he is contravening the medical ethics. No matter the role of a patient in leading to the disease, he has a right to live and it is the responsibility of a doctor to save that life. Failure to transplant is forsaking your responsibility as a doctor to save lives and taking the role of law makers in pronouncing capital punishment for alcohol addicts.

Concluding remark: Life is sacred and no one has a right to take a life of another. Failure to save a life when we are able to do so is synonymous with taking away a life. It is morally wrong. Liver transplant for drunkards should take place.

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