Alienation in Human Nature and Labor

Human nature is explained by the uniqueness which comes from their personality. Most people tend to identify their personality in order to work on them. Personality differences bring variations in the nature of humans. The effort to understand the differences and respect them brings about unity among people. In most cases, people are subjected to violence, which is characterized by the fact that they are not equal. Equality is always an aspect that brings about justice and avoids conflicts. Every individual is entitled to his/her rights which, when excised, should not infringe the rights of the other individuals.

In most cases, humans try to be independent while the others become dependent. Majority of independent individuals try to separate themselves from the others. This is because the social class has changed and tries to seek individuals at the same social level. Consequently, the other individuals become alienated. Alienation, therefore, is what makes individuals not have common views and stay differently. Those who remain dependent find it hard to classify themselves with others and normally represent labor in the society. In this context, Marx argues that human nature is defined in terms of labor. In the statement, it can further be argued that human beings are meant to work and the result of the work is what brings about their nature.

It can be argued from the work context that workers have been classified in terms of their rank. We establish that those who represent labor tend to work more to produce more in companies. Alienation is highly experienced in most companies; creation of a product and methods of production are always determined by producers. This argument clarifies how humans become creative in an effort to produce more. A great number of workers alienated usually take part in unskilled labor. This is where much work is done, and it defines the work of labor to take the human nature.


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Human nature usually takes different forms and makes individuals act according to the situation they are subjected to. For instance, unskilled workers make an effort to change their working status. Nevertheless, it becomes hard, because their qualifications do not allow them to be at a different level. Most of the countries practice capitalism, which subjects workers to being independent. Communism system is good, but it makes most people rely on one source which hinders development.

The worst feeling comes when a worker does work seriously with a great effort, but later is told that the work done does not satisfy the employer. The feeling makes workers feel alienated, and this may affect their performance. Production is essential in any organization, but the fact that workers do not enjoy the workplace makes it a different aspect. In this context, there is little psychological satisfaction. The trend of alienation causes fear among workers, which is based on the fact that they are not given the opportunity.

In the analysis given on the theoretical part of Marx’s argument, where human nature is defined in terms of labor, it can be noted that disparities among human beings bring about the nature. The environment in which individuals are born contributes to a great extent to the factor of alienation. In most cases, individuals tend to have a feeling that they were born in some conditions and it is where their destiny lies. Alienation drives away self-esteem, which makes individuals work below their ability. Subjecting individuals to the poor working conditions leads them to poor results.

Each and every individual has the ability to produce, but the act of alienation may make them work differently in accordance to the work given. Relations of production are different among workers. For this reason, those who present poor results are alienated, while those with desirable results are given benefits such as promotions.

The argument shows how revolution and exploitation brings about alienation. Individuals are given the opportunity to show their potential. They usually undergo many challenges before revolution takes place. Those individuals who are pronounced to be working well are exploited. As a result, it makes them have a different view in life and leads to alienation. The human nature may not always be defined in terms of labor; this is because human beings were not born for the sole purpose of labor. Different organizations have different styles of management; there are those who hire skilled or unskilled labor depending on the magnitude and the skill needed for delivery.

In an attempt to reduce alienation, communism was employed to enable people work towards a common goal. This is a form of ideology in which people work and their earnings are shared among the people, for example family members and other related people. In most cases, the ideology does not encourage development; this is because what is worked for is always shared leaving no room for development. Communism encourages unity among individuals which may not bring about alienation. It commonly employs workers according to their abilities and gives benefits to workers according to their needs.

Most of the individuals working according to the ideology may as well be alienated, because giving workers tasks according to their abilities and paying them according to the needs shows the lack of commitment and poor aspect of equality. Those feeling unsatisfied are forced to seek other alternatives. In most developed countries, the ideology of capitalism is employed, and this makes workers work on their own, which mostly employs independence.

The labor of a worker is reduced into a commercial commodity; this is when one worker is alienated from the other workers. Reducing the work done by workers always demoralizes them and hence reduces their ability to deliver quality work. The labor of individuals should not be traded among them. Making human beings feel less important enhances alienation; this is for the reason that the workers have experience low self-esteem. Making individual workers work under pressure may make them produce low quality work. Machines replace human beings in most of the industrial work done. This makes human beings less important making them have a feeling of alienation.

In conclusion, human nature cannot be defined in terms of labor, because replacing workers with machines only makes them feel alienated. On the other hand, employing the ideology of communism does not bring out the effort of human beings. Capitalism ideology makes humans work independently, but it is a disadvantage to those who lack the ability to work.

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