Art in Merchandising Review

Every merchandise exhibits unique design in its interior and exterior setup. Consequently, there is an application of diverse elements of art in merchandising. Merchandisers define how they are going to display their product, the music that is going to be played in the shop and the sectioning of the shop with regard to the art. The fundamentals of art that include light, line, shape, color, texture, form and space are critical towards giving an analytical aspect of any facility. The following paper is a shop review of Prada, Ralph Lauren, Miu Miu, Camper, and Club Monaco

Club Monaco

Club Monaco is one of the classical shops on the Prince Street at Soho. This shop is a perfect illustration of high quality merchandising. There is light variation in every segment. For instance, there is a blur of light at the entrance, but the lighting seems to reduce in the interior section. The abovementioned technique gives this shop a unique look. The use of color makes the shop attractive. The painting of the shop’s walls utilizes dull color, which contrasts with the range of clothing.


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The apparels have been aligned in a specific manner, which presents a mixture of the outfits. For example, there are yellow garments that are placed with green ones. The folding of the attires reveals in diverse shapes. For instance, there is men’s wear that is displayed in a rectangular manner. The clothes have been placed together with all their matching components. These forms of display are vital in preserving space while at the same time enhancing proper view. The store plays rock music at a low volume. Consequently, customers have maximum concentration while making their choices. It is also significant to note that Club Monaco has separate sections for clothes of the two genders. As a result, it enhances accessibility and choice of the clothes. In essence, one gets the overall impression of high quality products.


The first impression that one gets at the Prada shop is that this shop represents luxury and style. Prada specializes in the sale of clothes, footwear, and handbags. The shop employed upfront techniques and became one of the best shops on Prince Street. In particular, the shop boasts of elegance in the display of their products. For example, the handbags are put across in a variety of colors that attract the customers. Moreover, they utilize the human amateur to showcase their items. The sculpture occurs in a range of shapes that exhibit the urban man and woman. There is evident utilization of line and contour. For example, the shop uses diagonals in its exterior makeup. The interior segment is also made up of wavy and spiral line in most of its items. There are separate sections for every product. In addition, there is a separate section for men, and a separate section for women. However, other things such as shoes and handbags occur in on section for both genders. The strategy enhances the accessibility of the shop. Notably, Prada plays high volume music to attract the attention of the prospective customers.

Ralph Lauren

It is a shop that depicts distinct design and quality. The retail occurs in a vast space that gives room for adequate shopping. From the visual perspective, it is evident that Ralph Lauren specializes in providing the society with men’s apparel. In fact, at the forefront, there is an image of Ralph Lauren adorned in an elegant suit. Similar to Club Monaco, the shop has effectually put to use the elements of art such as color and shape. There is a showcase of all colors. However, the mix and match represents professionalism and class. The alignment of the products is divided into different sections. For example, the left segment is for the men’s products, while the right is for the women’s wear. The fabrication is also distinct. For instance, cotton attires are discrete from polyester ones. It facilitates choice among consumers. The music is played at the low volume in the shop. Apart from that, there is a television setup that highlights the content in the store.

Miu Miu

A glance at MIUMIU shop spurs up the element of fashion in an individual. This shop is located on Prince Street at Soho. It is spacious and contains a collection of shoes, clothing, handbags and jewelry. Each of the products has its own special design. The firm utilizes a dull color in the painting of the walls. The cream color depicts solemnity. In fact, it is a display of the calmness that characterizes the shop. Moreover, there is a use of glass in parts of the wall. The composition enhances visual acuity.   There is also use of line in the alignment of the shelves. For example, there are shelves that are placed in a vertical orientation, and shelves that are horizontally oriented. The light variation is also explicit. Within each section, there is installed light that amplifies the visibility of the item. I consider Miu Miu as dream zone for my shopping.


Camper is a shop that exhibits a collection of footwear. One gets the impression of elegance and style upon viewing the shop. Firstly, the retail is vast with adequate space for display of the products. There are different rooms for every discrete style of shoes. For example, the official men’s wear is in presented in a different section from the ladies’ sandals. The lighting varies from one room to another. The walls are white in color. The components such as sitting zones and racks are red, yellow and blue. It makes the shop attractive to the consumer. The use of line is evident in the vertical and horizontal shelves. Camper does not play any music. It is an area of tranquility. Consequently, it attracts the rich people in the city.

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