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It has taken me several years of using substandard bulbs such as single LED, multi-LED among other fluorescent types. In the long run, I have discovered the ideal bulb. A common shortcoming of the LED bulbs is that they either produce dim light or as is the case with multi-individual LEDs bulbs, give highly skewed direction light rays. More so, these types of bulbs never warm up faster, and their lights are never clearly white. They either give out comparatively yellowish (warm-white) lights than the halogen, or relatively blue (cold white) lights altogether.

My newly discovered bulbs are quite unique. Made of a single additional bright LED, it also has a diffraction lens whose purpose is to evenly distribute out lights to generate an enhanced dispersion compared with ordinary halogen. What I discovered are the first valid clean white bulbs whose light is spot on. Although they are costly, they give equal value. I am eventually contented with LED bulbs since they have lowered my energy consumption from 210W to 18W which has made me fill my kitchen with them.

This has been an ironically funny experience which has made me consider them as completely authentic. Having been supplied with a different order I placed unknowingly, I decided to give it a try and ended up liking and recommending their good service even though I am not in any way associated with them.

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