Basil II

Basil II became the ruler of the Byzantine Empire at the age of eighteen years. His success was because of the qualities he possessed in himself. However, as much as he ruled in a way that was seen to be in a dictatorship manner, he was a smart leader who knew how to control his qualities of leadership from being discovered by the people he ruled. Some of the qualities that crowned him to be the best in the leadership of an emperor are being well organized in terms of how he managed the financial account of his emperor and the growth he brought to the empire to make it look like a paradise. Another quality was being intelligent whereby as much as he was ruling in a dictatorial manner he could do it in a smart way whereby, whenever he discovered that his leadership was about to be discovered, what he could do at times was to mingle with men and seek advice from those he considered to be wise than himself. All that could be displayed through this kind of quality whereby he was ready to accommodate different views from people. This was the power that showed democracy. However, when he happens to discover about what the family could undergo through because of his leadership style, he could surround himself with those people who were neither brilliant nor too learned to show them that he was free to interact with anybody but at the end of the day, his own rules worked.


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He was always careful when it came to financial matters that were meant for the emperor development, all this achievement came about through being able to manage money very well. He considered an equality when being a leader. He never copied what the other emperors did especially the customary procedures but what he considered was both the set of rules of the empire as compared with the others. He was more humble when it came to hiding that anger that may have happened to be within him either through provocation. With these Basil II qualities, the nature of the byzantine government defined itself through the achievements that had been made before by Basil II with the decorations surrounding it. One could think that it was a paradise of its own. All these Byzantine government achievements were as a result of some trade and in the military territories.

When comparing the two leaders during their leadership of their emperors, Basil II and Charlemagne, it is easier to note that their leadership skills almost looked alike especially when it to their qualities. They all loved the development of their emperors and this can be proved through how they decorated them to look so admirable and in a great manner.

The issue of Christianity was within them as leaders. For instance, when we look at Basil II, he was so determined in bringing the Orthodox Christianity to the Russians while for Charlemagne, he developed several kingdoms in his empire among them being the Holy Mother of God.

The only things that differed from this two leaders were, Basil II interacted with people when there was need especially the wise ones and at the end of the day, he could make decisions on his own. Charlemagne was very free to be approached and several people loved him and that is why he gained some good wills of several kinds of different empires and nations. Apart from that, their leadership skills were so different whereby, Basil II ruled in rather in a dictatorship way whereby as much as he got the advice from the wise men, he could still implement his own rules to govern the emperor while Charlemagne was for the people whereby he could seek some advice from anyone and even if such people were poor.

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