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Bill Moyers Special

Corporations do not enjoy all rights to free speech since corporations are started by individual members; furthermore, not all organizations have legal personalities because they have no ability to exercise legal rights in the organization they are part of.

"Frame the issue" is a phrase that means to enclose a topic and give it another translation in a way to encourage certain interpretations and discourage others. The importance of framing an issue is that it makes the targeted group have a specific way of viewing the issue at hand even if it is the wrong interpretation.

A push poll is a method of campaigning where an individual or organization tries to change the views under the disguise of conducting a poll normally it is a negative form of campaigning. (Biagi, 2007) Normally push polls to have a negative picture where they try to make people look at a specific issue in a negative way and they end up dominating most of the political airtime.

The example of Cindy Watson and the hog industry where the hog industry defeated her by using the media to push poll her. When one considers the real facts Cindy Watson should have retained her seat.

Transparency in public entities is very limited in that it is controlled by the big companies with money who ensure that they buy the airtime in the media and influence the information given by the media. In private entities, the transparency is quite open but the information that comes out of the entity is controlled and monitored so they should have external monitors as a way of improving transparency. The Internet has helped people to air their views on all topics regardless if you have money or not.

John McCain and Bob Doe were opposing the bill because the telecommunications industry wanted the assets for free. American Telephone and Telegraph bought TCI.

The issues in the video relate with the net in that the amount of airtime is limited and controlled by strong forces. The government does not control policies involved because they need taxes. That Google might be bought by the major power houses and the freedom of speech by the public will be minimized. The historical policy continues to be a factor in technology because of the money that is controlled by politicians.

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