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Booker T Washington

The common saying goes that you cannot stop an idea whose time has come, so I ask: what about the idea so far ahead of its time that its owner does not understand what they have in their hands. When Booker was born in 1856, living conditions for members had become so dire that people were afraid of having just one child for fear of loss to death. On the flipside, if both babies survived, it was almost as cruel to allow them to die in their sleep as watching them suffer in the world as people of color usually did in this era.


Having grown up in this era, Booker T. Washington was highly intelligent, eloquent, and, more importantly, had and undying willpower.  His intelligence allowed him to perceive the problem of socioeconomic challenges facing the black community differently than most people. He understood that the white people bore power because they had selfishly kept the tools of power to themselves. In this regard, power refers to knowledge that one can only derive from reading. Therefore, Booker worked out a plan that would see members of the black community educated to the tertiary level. I think today, now that black people are more educated, they understand the essence of the insistence of Booker T. Washington on school.

Booker T. Washington understood that with education, the black individual is uncontrollable since his mind has been set free to conjure up ideas. Indeed, it could be argued that it is the responsibility of intellectual advancement that black people have made as many strides as they have in the past half to one century of going for matches. Sadly, people never understood the vision of Booker T. Washington enough to want to implement it during his lifetime. However, it seems that at some point, people did wake up to the ideas Booker T. Washington proposed. If he did not get it right following death, people have finally caught up to his thoughts and resistance against the advancement has waned. Few people can make a similar claim, and there is a very good reason for that.

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