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Carlos Lascano Artistic Work

An Argentinean director and writer, Carlos Lascano was born in the 19th century on the 8th June 1973 and raised in a city called Mar del Plata. His work was mainly based on illustrations and animations. Lascano was talented and he had the various field in the career such as drawing, painting and writing short stories. Between the age of fourteen and seventeen, he became extremely famous in Argentina due to his work. He had completed almost two hundred pages of the comic and he produced his first paintings which were known as the "girls". His article writing and designs of graphics brought him to the spotlight of Argentina. Carlos Lascano creative works, such as a short love story in stop motion, the can and the legend of the scarecrow made he among the few artists who won awards especially for the legend of the scarecrow.

In the case of a short love story in stop motion, it portrays two people attached together and in another term hugging, this means that they are expressing love and affection. The image is creative and shows as if it is real and also portrays how the condition and situation in the background of the image live. The pencil- outline birds escape from the girl"s drawing leads us to the life that the girl dreams of, such that girls always dream of such lifestyle in their life. Carlos Lascano gains the ability of an illustrator where he shows his articles in animation method and also expresses good and creative articles. These are a number of his illustration projects that made a somebody to smile and make people"s day a little brighter (Codington, 2005).

For the can, spot specially made by Red Bull Austria planned to be part of a program that Red Bull prepared jointly with the University of Applied Arts Vienna. In the year 2007, after being in charge of the Edition and Postproduction Department in Vitro Films in Barcelona, Carlos started again his self-employed career and relocated to Madrid, where he in fact lives. After the knowledge acquired from The Legend of the Scarecrow, he becomes deeper in his drawing style and compounds it with his wide-ranging technological information and his cinematography skill, in order to center on the making of animatronics piece.

Carlos Lascano introduced several images that showed how creative and real, the images portray color where the color is done very well and shows live. Carlos has the very personal style of drawing whereby he mixes real objects and digital tools which portray organic notion of animations. The use of color in his article o the images are blended creatively, whereby they look real and lively. I like Carlos Lascano"s work because of the creativity portrayed. His work is captivating and breathtaking. It interests many people and is a good example of constructive use of leisure time and earning from one"s talents.

Therefore, it is evident that art is used to pass on important messages in an enticing manner. It is extremely crucial that an artist determines what the views want to see. This would ensure that the pieces of work that they display do not cause controversy. On the contrary, the pieces of art would bring joy and relief after long days or confusing moments. Art forms the basis of communication and meditation. Though it is important to create mystery and suspense in a presentation of pieces of art, an artist should always ensure that his mystery is simple and that it, eventually, comes out b the time the viewer is done going through the work. This is a good way of relaxing one"s mind as it may appear like a brain game.

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