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Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

In the AmericanAcademy of child and adolescent psychiatry website the part, I found the most interesting was the information on advocacy. This topic was interesting because it enables and advocates to be a part of a process of lobbying for a bill to pass in the legislature. Advocacy gives the advocate the means to work with the legislatures in the state to pass bills that will not only help a huge mass of people but also it will have an impact for a very long time to come. It also gives the advocate the means to work with other people with interest in the child and adolescent psychiatry and the issues concerning the health of children with mental diseases.

The information which I would like to use with my studies is the tips on which to use when advocating such as knowing how to draft a bill, what method to use to introduce the bill, which committee I should get in touch with to lobby for the bill, how to get in touch with my state representative and how to go about advocating for the bill on the floor of the house.

The best possible career opportunity is to be a psychiatrist since this will enable me to be able to advocate for the need of the children and adolescent who are suffering from mental diseases since I will be able to get first-hand experience and information while dealing with the children, the parents, and teachers of these children.

The target population for this association is the parents, teachers' advocates and the legislatures. The vision of the association is to support and advance child and adolescent psychiatry and those that it may serve. This type of mission fits into my philosophy in a sense that I would like to advocate and be there for the children and families and handlers of these children who suffer from mental disease. To be an advocate you have to speak for the people who are unable to speak for themselves.

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