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Chinese Economic Development

The current economic performance that China has exhibited demonstrates that China is indeed on a serious economic roadmap. China has emerged to be one of the countries in the East having huge economic performance as compared to other counties with who it trades with. The present success of China rests in its understanding of forces that have been optimized to yield benefits to China. However, the performance of China through 2010 is seen to be shaped by several forces that affect the future economy of Russia. Factor such as macroeconomic stabilization, physical labor, market development and a role of government in is likely to influence China's economic performance.

The leadership of China understands the importance of macroeconomic stabilization and its effect on the economic well-being of China. With this in mind, the achievement of this stability between now and 2020 will indeed determine if investors can invest in China thereby boosting its economic prowess. Additionally, macroeconomic stabilization will allow the government of china to achieve infrastructural growth a necessary prerequisite for growth (World Bank 1998). Physical capital is also one of the factors that influence Chinas savings and economy in the long run. China is likely to experience high domestic savings that will increase savings and subsequently increase China's ability to finance its future economy through 2020. Physical capital is a force which cannot be downplayed since its influence extends to growth and availability of savings (Bramall 2008).

Market development in China is also one of the forces that are likely to influence China future economy. The emergence of markets and institutions evolving due to government's role, is likely to make China realize increased economic growth since the governments may initiate structural change to facilitate changes by providing a favorable environment. With the emergence of a rural market, more China increase in economic wellness is guaranteed (FAO, 2010).

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