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Colon Cancer

Colon cancer affects both women and men. It is a terminal disease, however, if detected early it can be cured successfully. There are generally two types of cancer with the first one detected in 1993, the types are familial adeno-polyposis (FAP) and hereditary non-polyposis colon cancer (HNPCC). Statistics have shown that the rate of contracting cancer increase with age with over 90% of the recorded case from people over the age of 50years (Pocard, Pomel & Lasser, 2003). This paper briefly analysis colon cancer; the areas of concern will be diagnosis and what should be done to reduce its effect.


Before the modern breakthrough in the medical world, cancer was being treated through the use of Amsterdam criteria, Amsterdam II, or the modified Bethesda criteria and the use of family background information. The current way of detecting the availability of colon cancer is through screening of the patient. This does not, however, mean that a customer from a family with a cancer history is not treated with more care. The areas that screening looks into are Tumor identification, this first symptom that appears at early ages of colon cancer. This cannot be the end of the testing since there can be other tumors that are not of cancer. HNPCC tumors are distinguished by a feature know as microsatellite instability (M S I). To confirm further Genetic testing is conducted. There have been barriers to successfully controlling and curing the disease they are;

The disease lacks detection, if it is not recognized early enough then it can be cured. Patients are reluctant to provide full information that can lead the doctor to realize that they are suffering from such a disease. The other issue is the nature of the disease itself, it can lead to discriminations from the society and thus the patients refuse to be diagnosed (Manion, 2005).


The larger population should be enlightened on the need of being tested off the disease; when one is diagnosed with one then he should be treated in the earliest time possible. Medical management forms the nurses and the patients are important.

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