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Conflict is basically a disagreement between two or more involved parties and there are risks which arise as a result of it (Nicholson, 1992). For this reason, it is important for a conflict to be resolved, managed or even transformed. There are many approaches which are employed when it comes to conflict. Characterization of conflict can be done basing on its nature. For example, there are family conflicts, local and international disagreements. The involved parties can also be used to group various types of conflicts.

Handling Conflict

It is the desire of most people for conflict to be handled remarkable though it is not always guaranteed. People have different views and perceptions on how conflict can be well resolved. For instance, there are conflicts which can be easily resolved for instance some family disagreements whereas there are others that need to be managed like international disagreements and others can be transformed as a way of handling them.

The most important thing as far as conflict is concerned is how it is handled and that is the reason the three different resolution forms are always employed. Conflicts often arise when the involved parties hold different stands. Most of the times what the conflicting parties think to be the main issue may not be and that is the reason proper understanding is essential in solving the issue. For proper resolution of the perceived disagreement, it is important to realize that the involved parties or people have their own interests and ambitions which may hinder effective resolutions (Lederach, 2003).

Conflict resolution, management, and settlement seem to be more alike when compared to transformation which simply means changing the conflict to something else which is beneficial and nonviolent (Lederach, 2003). Management of conflict is where the disagreement is under control because it cannot be easily resolved whereas resolution is whereby the disagreement is completely resolved despite the fact that the involved parties had interests that could not be merged. Since conflict is perceived to be a normal thing many scholars prefer it being transformed because this can only happen when there is a proper understanding of the underlying issues (Spangler, 2003).


Since there are different forms of conflicts different ways can be used for solving them. It is also important to understand that conflicts will always remain with humanity. For example, family conflicts will always be with us. A conflict which is well resolved is where the involved parties are contented and there is no more violence. Once there is peace where there were rage and violence it is clear that there has been a successful resolution of the underlying issues.

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