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Difference between World Wars

There are several differences between the two world wars that the world experience. The first world took place in 1914 and continued on for a period of about four years. On the other hand, the Second World War commenced 1939. This war took place for nearly 6 years. The parties involved in the WW1 were the central power versus the allied powers. The central powers were made up of Germany, Austia-Hungary and Turkey. On the other hand, the Allied powers were composed of France, Britain, Russia, Italy, and Japan. Later in the United states Joined in the fight at the end of 1917. There were different powers that took place in the Second World War where the Axis powers fought the Allied powers. This time round, the Axis powers were made of Germany, Italy and Japan whereas the Allied power was composed of France, Britain, the United States, the Soviet Union and China. The result to the two wars differed greatly with the Second World War having more deaths and casualties than the First World War. The cause of the First World War was the need for acquisition of land in places like Africa which brought about the war. The Second World War was brought about by the difference in ideologies like Fascism and Communism.

The Second World War was the most devastating war of the town since a number if reasons contributed to this war. For instance, there was the use of Nuclear weapons as seen in Total War where Japan was bombed by the Americas. This bomb was very lethal and many people suffered. Other war equipment like submarines were used as well as tanks. These machineries caused a lot of damage to building and deaths of many soldiers. This war was thus more brutal than the First World War being modern weapons had been invented and used to defeat the enemies. The use of atomic bomb in Japan made the Japanese to surrender (Levack, Muir & Veldman, 2009).

The second word was marked with the occurrence of the cold war which began as a result of Russian and its communism ideologies. The United States and its allies feared that Russia could spread itself being that to other regions of Europe and dominate it just like it had done on the eastern parts of Europe. Likewise the Russian were eager to make a firm hold in Eastern Europe in order to fight off German expansion. As a result, there was a strand off and rivalry between the US and Russia. This led to the arms race where each wanted to outwit the other. A good example was a discovery of the weapon in Cuba brought in by the Russians. The cold war also led to mistrust among the super power with each building arsenal of weapons. During this course, Russia and the United States explored the outer space. In the end, the Soviet Union fell and a wall it had built in Berlin was pulled down.

Decolonization was the process where European powers granted independence to colonies that had been previously colonized. This process took place mainly in Africa where many of the colonized countries were. As there was a need to end colonization due to colonial uprisings that took place as colonies revolved against their colonial master. In Africa for instance, the British were forced into decolonizing the Kenya as the local rose up to fight the British occupation. The result of decolonization shaped the world being there was unity between the colonizers and colonies. This process also led to the unification of Colonies into special groups to fight for the interest.

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