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Early Childhood Care and Development

Early childhood includes the period between conception and to age eight. The care taken on these children goes beyond education and includes their health and nutrition matters. On the other hand, their development includes a process of making them master complex levels in their growth including, thinking, interacting, moving and feeling their environment.

It is an international priority to enhance quality life for the children's lives especially the most vulnerable and disadvantaged ones. According to the Dakar framework for Action on education for all, early childhood care and development programs play an important role in improving efficiency in primary education reducing repetition and drop-out rates. Moreover, it has long-term effects on health, education, moral and social values of each country. Early childhood care and education is not only an arrangement of families but also for communities and educational institutions to emulate.

Early children care and development emphasizes on child's physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development. The main goal of early childhood and development is to raise and develop the children physically and emotionally in order to prepare them to have the right attitudes and habits as they enroll in the primary education.

Early childhood care and development provides an opportunity for the children to reduce their developmental problems thereby increasing benefits to them and the society in general. Early years of young ones are very important and crucial for the development of intelligence social behavior and intelligence. By the time children are born, they possess social, physical, as well as psychological capabilities that allow them to learn, communicate, and develop. If these capabilities are not recognized and propped up, these children will never develop. Early age care creates an enabling environment that makes sure that children are supported and protected on issues such as nutrition, healthy cognitive and social development.

Early childhood care and development call for child-friendly programs, family and community focused programs that strengthen social service programs and improves young ones physical and mental capacity. It is important to invest in early childhood development to modify inequalities rooted in poverty, religious, social, and in gender discrimination. It forms the foundation for later development in life skills bringing long lasting benefits to individual and society in general.