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Education Is Soul Engineering

It is rather difficult to imagine this planet and the people who occupy it without learning.  In this case, formal and informal education is meant. Most of the greatest people in the world today have risen to those heights as a result of having been educated. Learning engineers boys to make men and girls to women. This means that education is an important aspect of life, and each person needs it as an essential component or constituent in their life.  There is a soul moldings driver that changes the human pattern of life, and this one is called “an engineer.” Education shapes life, the world, and the future of humanity in general and in many ways. It molds these into useful pages that otherwise would be a complete waste.

Elementary tutors may not receive high incomes, but they have one of the most satisfying careers. When revisiting back to rudimentary school, what many people remember best, are the tutors they had in the course of schooling. Elementary tutors not only acquaint their students with the basic ideas of core topics but also assist in paving the way for student’s future excellence. While the incomes may not be the best available, observing students develop new skills or grow an appreciation for learning is very rewarding.


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The roles of elementary school teachers are very important. Elementary tutors play significant roles both in the intellectual and social development of the students. Whatever knowledge students acquire at a tender age has so much effect. It shapes how they perceive themselves throughout their lives and how they view others on this planet. In most cases, elementary teachers equip students with all that is required at that age. This makes elementary education in almost all countries and regions effective. Elementary education is basic for everyone since it enables them to progress in other levels. Poor elementary education is an education suicide for individuals. That would mean that those people will never be able to flourish academically. Elementary education sets a base upon which academic excellence is built. Therefore, with a poor base, it is impossible to make a strong building whether physical or psychological. This is not to mean that with a strong elementary base, one is completely secure. This simply means that one stands a chance to excel academically. Tertiary education is still inevitable for one to be fully knowledgeable. Therefore, there comes a problem. Not all schools in all countries are able to give substance when it comes to tertiary education. A country may be known for excellent elementary education but mentioned as poor in matters of high education (Beck, 2001).

Education: Shaping People’s Life, World, and Future

Since the early times, education was thought to be a quite powerful tool. It has lead to some of the greatest accomplishments in human history. What more does the future hold for us? With education, people most definitely will find out what the future holds for them. The discoveries of other galaxies outside of the Milky Way could not have been made without an education. The astronomers who discovered those galaxies were well educated and used it to their advantage. The powerful tool of education has been shaping people’s lives, and people never realized it. It determines the outcome of humans’ lives. With a proper education, a person has many opportunities for many different jobs. For instance, a well-known company, such as Microsoft, would not accept someone who has not been educated to work in it. People need to understand the importance of education. It benefits not only them but also the community. Putting a well educated man in a company like Microsoft will assure people that the person managing their computer software knows what he is doing and will not do anything that will harm their computer. Education has been shaping human’s world since the very beginning of its existence. Humans have been bringing much advancement in technology, which has been benefiting the world in many ways. Without education, many cures for diseases and illnesses would have not been found. People would be sick and would not know how to deal with it. Without education, the car would not have been invented. People would have to walk great distances to do their errands. That is why education is so important to be obtained. The most beneficial would be poverty reduction program. If only education was available to everyone, there would be less people on the streets. Since the ancient times, it was understood to be an important tool.

The greatest accomplishments in the human history happened as a result of education. There are many important things that the future holds for people, and they only find out what these thinga are through the navigator, education. Other galaxies that exist outside the Milky Way would have remained undiscovered if education was not there. It is important to note that the key to every discovery lies in education. The astronauts who made these great discoveries used what they had learnt via education to their advantage (Monahan, 2005). They were seriously educated; and therefore, made practical application. This powerful tool named education shapes people’s lives slowly, without them realizing it. Education is a big determinant of the outcome of the lives of humanity. Unlimited different job opportunities are available to the people. They do not fail to acquire what they need and want as a result of having proper education. Certainly, a giant company like Microsoft will employ only those who are educated to high levels with great qualifications and specialization in their respective areas. Humanity needs to understand education importance and its role in their lives. It benefits both individuals and the community in general. A well-educated manager working in a big company like Microsoft gives the clients confidence that their computers software are not at risk at all. That means that they cannot have any harm whatsoever, since they are guaranteed. Since the beginning, education has always been shaping people. The world has been benefiting in many ways from technology advancement that humanity has been inventing along the time within many years and generations. It is through education that many diseases have been cured, which would not have been happened without education. People’s illnesses would be a serious mystery. Education led to the invention of the motor technology. Therefore, people do not have to walk for long distances whenever they want to make errands as well as meet others for various reasons. The airplane also revolutionized the transport sector, connecting many destinations within a short period. It has seen the world become a village with information moving very fast and boosting business world. It follows then that education has played a giant role in shaping humanity into what it is today.

Education is a discipline that deals with modes of teaching, as well as learning in the schools and school like environment, unlike other informal and formal socialization means such as rural developments projects and education via parent/child relationships. Education is a form of transmission in which values, as well as accumulated understanding of a society, is done. Here, education is similar to what the social scientists refer to as enculturation or socialization. It does not matter where children are born: New Guinea, the Renaissances, or the Manhattan, none is born with a culture. It follows then that education is normally designed in order to guide these cultureless children through learning of a culture, shaping their behavior to the way of adulthood, and then directing these young ones toward their important eventual roles in their respective societies. In most primitive cultures, formal learning is minimal, and very limited number of people may refer to teachers, classes, or school. All the activities that are undertaken in that particular environment are collectively taken to be classes. Almost all the adults in the same places act as teachers. However, the society grows with time to great levels, meaning that the quantity or the size of knowledge that needs to be passed to the subsequent generation grows large. Therefore, there is a need for efficient and selective means of transmission of culture. The result of this becomes the formal education with a specialist, the teacher.

The complexity of the society increases, while schools become more institutionalized. Experience of education becomes less directly related to day to day life. It becomes a matter of showing and learning of the world workaday and abstract from practice, mostly a matter of telling, distilling, and learning of things in and out of context. The concentration on learning in the formal atmosphere allows children to learn more about their culture than they are able to do by merely observation and imitating. When a society with time gradually attaches more importance to learning and education, then it also works to formulate its overall objectives, contents, organization, as well as strategies of the education. Then literature turns into a device that has some advice concerning the bringing up of the young generation. In summary, philosophies plus theories of education develop.

Many students have started searching for education. This has resulted from the desire to meet the requirements on the job market. The world’s academic levels are heightening on a daily basis. This has led to the need to study more and more for all who want to be competitive in the world (Field, 2000). There is nothing good that comes the easy way. Students must seek the best schools to be equipped for the job competition. This has led to globalization in academics and the need for many students to go and study abroad. In the long run, this has led to international students, mostly in high education. The problem of international students is mostly noticed in high education.  Most students attend local schools for elementary education but not for high education. For tertiary education, students prefer to go and school elsewhere apart from their home countries, which is done in search of good education. This is mostly seen with students from the developing countries. Most developing countries have substandard high education. As a result, students go to study in the developed countries to meet the world’s requirements concerning knowledge and skills. For one to secure a good job or to stand a ground upon which one can secure a job internationally, they have to meet the world’s academic prerequisites. These levels of academics are not available in all schools. They are only available in some selected few. Therefore, all interested students must apply for these selected few schools to have a share of this level of education. This explains the rise in international students. The world is also demanding individuals who are well-equipped in matters that affect the globe as well as people with vast knowledge. This knowledge cannot be acquired locally. Local learning limits one’s ability to explore and exploit whole capacity. These global job requirements are inevitable with the current globalization rate. Therefore, it is upon the human race to upgrade the level of education that is available. With the rise in globalization and technology, the job market will be more and more competitive, demanding more and more vast knowledge.

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The solution to international students is an improvement in the education systems of most countries. If the education available at local universities and colleges in many countries meet the global standard, there will be no need for students to go and study abroad. Therefore, there is a wake-up call for all education stakeholders to improve education systems all over the world. This can be achieved through borrowing the techniques that are used in the globally recognized universities and incorporating them in all the rest. This could be a sure way of ensuring that education is up to the standard. In conclusion, it is possible to eliminate the problem of international students and international schooling, though it will take a long time (Castells, 2001). This will be a gradual development, through which the world will see academic improvement. The pioneers may not witness the realization of the same, but surely, it will someday come true. There is no change that is radical, even if the facilitators are radical. Change takes time to become a reality. Therefore, this also will one day be a reality, if only someone in this generation decides to steer towards the change.

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