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Effective Leadership

The success of any organization greatly depends on the leadership style adopted by the management board and the departmental managers in general. The failure by Steve as an HR Manager and his team to make members of other departments follow the laid down rules and regulations and instill discipline in the other departments can be blamed on his leadership style. According to the assortment, there are four main leadership approaches that are applied by most managers; autocratic, bureaucratic, democratic and laissez-faire leadership approaches (assortment, 2010). There is, however, a unique leadership style incorporates both leadership and management; situational leadership (Erven, 2001). This style is a combination of democratic and autocratic leadership styles. In order for Steve to be in a position to instill discipline and harmony in the various departments in the organization, he should understand and apply the concept of situational leadership style. Apart from implementing a unique leadership style, the human resource (HR) manager should apply the relevant human resources skills that will ensure that there are good rapport and respect among the various departments in the organization.

According to eHow, a good human resource manager should possess excellent communication skills (eHow, 2010). This means that the way communication among the staff ought to be two-way. In addition to that, a good human resource manager should be a negotiation expert, he/she should possess excellent organizational skills and he/she should be a strategic acumen. Having looked at the different leadership styles and the qualities of a good human resource manager, it is safe to conclude that for Steve and his team to enforce discipline at their workplace, they should abide by the rules of a situational manager and for him, he should improve human resource management skills. The same skills should be passed on to the other departmental heads (managers) and by so doing this will ensure that there is harmony in all departs which in the end will make the organization more productive.

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