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Embarrassing Experience

This must have been a bad day for me. I woke up late having spent a lot of time with by best friend the evening before. My little brother Mike was already up and as usual, he was sitting on his chair outside the main door. I had no busy schedule except to meet with the choir members at my home in the evening.

Immediately after we had taken our breakfast, I say my neighbor come hastily towards the main gate and I asked my brother to let her in. he told me that his son was sick and he needed money to take him to the hospital. This was not unique to him; he always borrowed money and never returns. I knew this was another game that he was playing and I immediately told him I had no money in the house. My little brother heard this and this was the beginning of the unending drama.

Within a few minutes, he came out of the house with a lump sum of money in his hand.

"Sister, I got this money from your bag, can I give him some?" he asked. I was embarrassed that he had shown my neighbor that I had money in the house although I had told him I had none. I uttered no word but shamelessly gave him the money he had borrowed. I felt like burying the young boy alive so that no such things ever happen again.

As I was cooking our lunch in the kitchen, one of my long time friends came and my brother was upstairs playing with his toys. Immediately he saw her, he urinated on the lorry toy and poured the urine on her. This got straight on her head. This was another hell of a thing Mike had done. I heard a scream and dashed out of the kitchen to see what had happened. I was tongue tied and tears ran down my cheeks when I saw what Mike had done. My apologies made no difference because nothing was reversible.

That afternoon, we were resting in the sitting room when my choir members arrived. I welcomed them happily into the house and before they sat down, we had a prayer. I did not know what was in store for us until we sat down. Mike had done it again, he had dropped pins on the sofa set and it got straight on us when we sat down.

"Ouch, Ouch" that is what everyone uttered; I did not know how to explain that I was not aware of the presence of the pins on the seats. My friends thought that I had intended to hurt them and they, therefore, left immediately. I was very much embarrassed on how things had gone the whole day. This was actually a long and the worst day for me.

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