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Essay for College Application

Coming from a foreign land with only my mother who is a very hardworking woman I had come into a land which is foreign to both me and my mother with all its culture and language, different in every way possible it was a nerve racking experience. But taking up courage from my mother who did not speak much English word but was determined not to fail in life, I promised myself that I will excel in my life. And in appreciation of my mother sacrifice since she has to take two jobs to be able to support us in this new land I was also determined not to let her down at all cost. My father who is a pilot live in other countries and we only see him twice a year.

Since my parents do not know much of English I had to learn everything on my own. I had to do my homework alone among other academic work with no help at all. I am a naturally motivated person and I have set a very high standard which I have to achieve and after achieving that I set some more. I remember when I was taking my AP psych test I had a chance to cheat and achieve 100% marks, I did not take this chance due to the fact that taking the chance and cheating was not only immoral but would not have furthered my goal to excel at all. Almost everyone got 100% but I got 96% which I am very proud of since it all came from my knowledge and not from somewhere else. That was all me and am proud of it.

When I was in eighth grade I was awarded the George M. Cohan award, this was a highlight and recognition for my involvement in playwriting, acting, singing and production. I have been featured in the Miami herald for my performance at the musical, "Joseph and the amazing Technicolor dream coat". I have also received recognition for writing a well-crafted French poem; this was during a French fair at our school. I have also been recognized for creating the most creative video project in our French class.

My main achievement was when I took anatomy at Broward College under a dual enrollment. It was scary since most of the students there were over ten years older than me. It was frightening and intimidating a task that seemed at the time like a mountain. I was like a wide-eyed puppy who had been thrown in a pit with bulldogs with no idea of how to go about it or what to expect. I achieved an A in that class. You can not imagine the feeling of immense joy I had at such time. I believe it was the feeling David had after he defeated Goliath.

All the achievements have taught me a major lesson in life, I am an independent person whose main strife is for excellence, they have given me a lot of self-confidence in myself and my ability to rise to any task required of me whether academically or socially. I know that I can be successful and achieve the highest goals possible with enough effort.

To be in college is one of the best achievement I would wish to achieve especially coming to _(put the name of the college)_____ since I believe that at __________________ I will find myself and I will expect the kind of goals that will enable myself achieve the highest degree of excellence. I know that at your college I will have the support needed to push myself to set higher goals not only academically but in life as well. At ______________ I will not just set goals to reach the university but I will be able to join an Ivy League one at that, which is considered the sky of the academic limit.

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