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Experience of the American Soldiers

What the American Soldiers experience in Iraq

The writer tries to explain the kind of life the American soldiers experience when at war in Iraq. He encompasses the miserable life and tough situations they encounter with regard to maintaining peace. Through dialogue, he tries to interview soldiers from war and also describes their feelings regarding the change of place i.e. from back home in the United States to Iraq. By this, the writer clearly lays out the subject and purpose of the paper in connection with the war.

The introduction of the paper would be improved by associating the idea of the soldiers missing their loved ones years after arriving in Iraq. He should also brief the audience that American soldiers take full dedication in serving their country hence explain the importance of American soldiers protecting the interest of the American soldiers. The thesis statement "what American Soldiers experience in Iraq", is influential as it guides and inflicts knowledge of the kind of life American soldiers undergo. Through it, we are able to know what life is when one works as an American soldier (Baum). He/she is expected to obey orders, and act necessarily if need arises.

Indeed the writer clearly focuses on Baum, Gladwell, King and Schlosser in his summary in a rhetorical setting through focusing on the experiences that American soldiers have at home or at war in Iraq. Thus the summary should incorporate more ideas that concern the welfare of the American soldiers. The writer also talks about Children who visualize their fathers as role models but to avoid this, the fathers end up cautioning them of dreaming about being soldiers due to the harsh conditions they would expose themselves into.

With this in mind, the writer might improve the paper through clearly discussing the grievances brought forward by soldiers who have had their experience in Iraq. By this, the readers would gain complete knowledge of what happens in one's life as a soldier hence decide what role he/she would play as a role model.

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