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Forensic Population Health Nurse

Forensic population health nurses play an instrumental role in providing care for victims of violence and abuse in the society. They mostly concentrate on alleviating trauma that is associated with violent acts and abuse of individuals. Forensic nurses also possess adequate skills for forensic evidence collection, legal testimony, and criminal procedures hence ensuring that victims of violence and abuse access justice. The collection of criminal evidence is mostly done after the victim has been adequately taken through effective procedures that help to reduce the trauma associated with the crime. This essay will analyze the paper prepared by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) and the Community Crisis Response Team Manual to study effective care of abused victims. The population of interest in this paper is the military sexual assault population. Notably, the military has contributed to many sexual harassments, especially during their operations in different places. These victims need guidance for effective recovery from the trauma associated with military sexual assault.

This paper explains the manner in which these two references support each other. It also discusses the way in which I would implement these suggestions as a forensic nurse.


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These references support each other effectively by offering a wide range of information that would definitely lead to achieving the same result. The references provide large amounts of information relating to dealing with individuals who have been exposed to psychological trauma. For instance, they both emphasize on rehearsal and on the need for the education of individuals facing psychological trauma. They support each other by providing a large variety of details that can be referred to by forensic population health nurses. For instance, the Community Crisis Response Team Manual talks about the need to encourage and facilitate support groups while AHRQ paper highlights some of the developmental stages that support groups and counselors may take in order to ensure that these victims are adequately helped in the alleviation of trauma. The references support each other in their positive assertions towards the recovery of individuals suffering from trauma. Both of them assert that the process of recovery is gradual and must be handled carefully in order to ensure that there is a positive outcome. Therefore, these references support each other in the assertion of future plans among victims suffering from psychological trauma. They emphasize that institutions must ensure that they provide 24-hour referrals that would ensure that the psychological trauma of victims is completely dealt with until they are able to embark on their normal routine.

My population of interest is victims of military sexual assault. In my position as a forensic nurse expert, I would ensure that I implement these suggestions with my population of interest through various strategies. Firstly, I will implement these suggestions by providing open communication channels for my population of interest. Communication is a powerful tool because of its ability to affect the lives of individuals. I would ensure that I put in place an effective communication system that would provide confidentiality of the victims’ information. Green and Kreuter (2005) assert that the guarantee of confidentiality would give victims the courage to bring forth all the details relating to their sexual assault by the military without the fear of victimization. They would be able to express their feelings through communication hence giving me the opportunity to understand their reactions. I would be able to encourage them and seek other support groups on the basis of the type of information offered by victims. The implementation of these suggestions through effective communication is significant because it would ensure that I deal with the problem that I am adequately informed about. I believe that open communication with a guarantee of confidentiality would be one of the significant ways of ensuring that I implement these suggestions.

Secondly, I would implement these suggestions by putting in place effective support groups and counselors. Victims of military sexual assault highly require guidance and counseling in order to alleviate their levels of stress and trauma. My level as an expert forensic population health nurse would help me to put effectively in place a relevant support group that would ensure that these individuals are given hope for the future. The support group and counselors would play the instrumental role in ensuring that these victims are adequately talked to and encouraged. According to Young (2005), counseling would help them understand that life has challenges that  they can overcome for rejuvenated living. The establishment of support groups and a team of counselors would help me to encourage these victims to focus on their future and other significant things that they may desire in life. They should treat sexual assault as a past that would not affect their determination about the future. I believe that counseling would also give these individuals the opportunity to understand that it is not the end of the world and the future holds great opportunities for them. Motivation and gradual recovery from trauma among these individuals would be achieved through contact with counselors and members of the support group. During counseling sessions, I would ensure that these victims are also given the opportunity to speak because this would help to judge their level of recovery from the trauma.

Thirdly, as an expert I would implement these suggestions with my population by putting in place an effective investigative mechanism. I believe that victims of military sexual assault would only feel comfortable and recover adequately in cases where they are assured of justice. The availability of justice would ensure that they achieve some level of peace in their minds, hence recover adequately. I would put in place effective investigative mechanisms and give them an assurance about their future. Young (2005) reiterates that investigations would play an instrumental role in revealing some of the criminals and ensuring that the victims are compensated as required. Investigations would be carried out through advocacy and promoting the rights of these victims all over the state. I would be an instrumental activist for the rights of these individuals and ensure that they access the required level of justice without any discrimination from the government. I believe that access to justice would give my population a high level of hope and would enable them to think positively about their future. They would feel appreciated because of the justice that they receive, and this would boost their recovery process. Apart from seeking justice, I would also ensure that they are spiritually motivated in order to understand that life is full of challenges that may be overcome ultimately. My population would recover gradually due to the understanding that they are appreciated and supported by society.

Lastly, I would implement these suggestions by putting in place routine chores and sporting activities that would ensure that these victims are kept busy most of the time. I will put in place chores such as cooking and cleaning, hence ensuring that these victims are busy most of the time. Green and Kreuter (2005) affirm that these chores would play an instrumental role in returning these individuals to their normal routine in their daily lives, thus enabling them to overcome the trauma related with sexual assault by the military. Moreover, those interested in sporting activities would have the opportunity to socialize with each other as they participate in their respective disciplines. Continued socialization through the sporting activities and chores will give them the opportunity to re-establish themselves and to forget gradually about the suffering they underwent at some point in their life. It will be a lesson encouraging them to keep up with their routine and to understand that life must go on no matter what happens. The continuous performance of different tasks would be instrumental in taking them back to their normal duties, hence ensuring that they are able to live normally as they did before the sexual assault. They will also get relaxation through their participation in sporting activities, hence enabling them to alleviate high levels of stress.

In conclusion, forensic nursing is concerned with catering for victims of violence and abuse. These individuals always face high levels of trauma and are only able to recover in cases where effective procedures are put in place. Concerning my population that is made up of victims of military sexual harassment, I would implement these suggestions through various strategies. Firstly, I would develop a communication system that caters for the confidentiality of information gathered from the victims. Secondly, I would put in place effective peer support groups and counselors to ensure that these individuals are encouraged. Thirdly, I would implement the suggestions by putting in place effective investigational strategies that would lead to justice for the victims. This would give them hope because they would feel appreciated by the society and other people. Lastly, I would implement these strategies by putting in place chores and sporting activities that would promote relaxation and re-establish routine among these victims. These strategies would be instrumental in ensuring that the victims of military sexual assault recover from the trauma associated with their case. They would gradually get back to their normal activities through these significant implementations.

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