Gender Disparities Impact on Society


It was a cultural week in New York where I attended a theater. The event was a play performance. It was held at Broadway theatre, located in New York. Among those who attended were the former presidents, cultural dancers/performers, singers, and other distinguished guests from different places who were also invited to attend the event. I was not expecting to meet these honorable people, since it was not common for most cultural events that I have attended. This seemed unique; hence, I was very motivated to pay maximum attention to get all that was going to be addressed especially in the plays.

Discussion of the Event

The play characters were actually the university students who were mainly pursuing a certain similar course in a particular field. The main theme of the play was about the disparities that existed in society and their consequences (Rudetsky, 2014). The characters in the play were very confident and courageous as they were aware of what they were addressing in their performance. They also knew of their targeted audience. For instance, the play talked about the disparities that were often present in society and those who were subjected to them mostly. They dwelt more on gender inequalities and those who were affected the most. (Rudetsky, 2014).


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They talked of the marginalized, minority and vulnerable groups in the society and the impacts this issue had on their development (Todaro, 2003). The performers talked of those were marginalized and discriminated in the society because of their different attributes. The characters in the play were well aware of their roles and they seemed to represent all the aspects and disparity issues that were evident in the society and the impacts they had on those who encountered them (Perth, 2009). They brought out the fact that the gender disparity victims were not able to get access nor control the use of certain resources in the society, and this had a great impact on the status they always occupied in that particular society in relation to others (Farrack, 2010).

The play also brought out how women and girls were the victims of gender differences. For instance, they were not being subjected to equal opportunities in the society (Farrack, 2010). Women and girls were not allowed to participate in political activities as they were always regarded as weaker sex hence unable to rule (Farrack, 2010). They were not subjected to equal employment opportunities. Women in the labor force often got lower paying jobs because of the education they had as compared to those of boys and men in the society (Farrack, 2010). Women never used to get the quality education the way men did, this made them compete unfavorably when it came to the job market. In some cultures, as it was brought out in the play, girls were forced to drop out of school and get married due to the cultural traditions they should obey (Rudetsky, 2014). They were also subjected to cultural practices that were very dangerous for their health. This included the female genital mutilation that was unhygienic and often resulted into infections. All these practices affected a lot the participation of women in political matters; they could not get access to education as they were forced to get married immaturely (Todaro, 2003).

Another group apart from women and girls who were affected by the disparities that occurred in the society were the racial minorities. They also faced challenges in political field, access to education and employment opportunities. Politically their views were less represented, hence in most cases they were not recognized in the society. The play brought out points clearly that if not all these gender disparities were addressed, then the countries goals, visions and objectives on development would not be accomplished. According to Rudetsky (2014), gender issues are very sensitive when it comes to enhancement planning in a nation. Women are also supposed to be involved in the development programs, decision-making processes and ensure that their issues are also represented in the development planning objectives (Perth, 2009).

As Rudetsky (2014) noted, the launch of such an event is expected to be great to symbolize the importance and ultimate the gravity of the problems ordinary people face in society. Therefore, the planning date and launch are awaited to be at a large theater hall that could accommodate as many people as possible. With the President visiting the whole event, it would give this the gravitas that it really deserves. The information about the play would automatically be placed on the Internet; we would then be on Twitter and on Facebook, with pages that give all the necessary information in color to depict the event. It was also a thought that we should introduce key speakers or performers, and at the back of out minds, Professors, Doctors, Engineers,  and other respected members of society, Microsoft inventor, Bill Gates, being their first pick, a successful entrepreneur and a person who has a wealth of advice that he can offer these young hungry, upcoming entrepreneurs.

In the play policies, interventions and measures are also put in place to address the specific problems, gender issues and challenges that were evident in the society. For instance, in the case of access to education, the government could decide to subsidize education to make it cheaper and affordable by those who were not able to pay school fees to keep them in school, especially the girls and women (Rudetsky, 2014). It also decides to reorient the education system more so for the female gender to make them fit and meet the arising needs and demands in the employment market and other sectors of the economy like in politics. The government also decides to lower grades for the female students who join colleges and universities, this motivates girls to work harder and get educated (Todaro, 2003). All these attempts made by the government help to bridge the gap between the female and male gender in the society. The authority also comes up with a constitution that states that women should also be given equal political opportunities whereby they should be allowed to participate in political activities without any restrictions. The government should also come up with policies to protect the female gender from any cultural practices (Perth, 2009).

Summary of the Play

The play seeks to address issues that are always evident and tend to affect certain individuals in the contemporary society. It also provides the way forward on how these problems can be dealt with and be exhausted to ensure the development of the country. The play tries to show how changes in the society can be brought about hence indirectly urges the attendees to put in action their ideas to solve problems in society. The play is connected to the issues that directly affect our nation hence suggests indirectly that the ideas of this play be applied by the stakeholders of our nation among them being the president who was to enforce them  through different leaders in the sectors of the economy. The performance is very relevant as it seeks to address the present issues that are mostly affecting the society and if these ideas are used, they can initiate change.

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