Gene One IPO Strategies

The management of the company is competent. Led by the CEO, they are able to establish long-term strategies which will benefit the company. The team which consists of the investment members and the board has decided to offer an IPO which seeks to raise enough capital for the advertisement, expansion, and marketing of their products so as to continue operating well. There is the spirit of contribution at all levels of the company who work as a team so as to make the company function well in their business. This team playing matter is very useful in establishing the abilities of each employee and the potential which instill the common goal desire.

There is also the utilization of competition within the employees. This has been necessitated by the fact that all employees are aware of all the company levels so as to strive to attain it and hence productive to the company. This explains why the company has experienced growth of $400 million within a very short duration. This also has resulted in the employees' innovation in coming up with unique and creative ideas which assist the company in overcoming the challenges they encounter. The CEO also has instituted excellent strategies which have ensured that it's the technology leader in the market. Its innovation is of great importance to them in overcoming the challenges it's being faced.

Factors to be implemented

Gene One has faced many challenges during its efforts to undergo change. There are therefore various factors that could be put into consideration so as to ensure the breakthrough in the organizations' implementation of change. First during the company's need to pursue the IPO it has to ensure that it meets the requirements that are put forward by the surbanes-oxley act. These spells out clearly the requirements of leadership that is necessary for the company to be able to come to public. This change of altering its leadership proves to be time-consuming and to some extent, the relation that the company has with the closer companies could also be compromised.

Another factor to be considered is the company's capability which might be ignored based on the time that the IPO will be registered and the negative opinions from the public that the company will receive. This situation if not clearly outlined may endanger the company's annual income while also losing the company's employees to other competing company's in the market. The other factor is the availability of capital. Availability of capital will enable gene one to obtain new products and acquire new skills. They should, therefore, establish itself as one of the major players in the market and transform its private nature to be a public company so as to ensure that its leadership is firm. In order to achieve this gene one has to restructure it image, increase its customers and apply marketing communications.


The leadership style of the company is appropriate to go public. This is because, with its innovative technology which has been put in place, the company will be able to sustain its operation and even escalate more due to the capital back up. Going public by the company will increase their prospects in the key operations as they will reach out many other people or customers who may not have heard of their technology. As an organizational leader, challenges are good to be taken hence with the adequate leadership of the company and the competence of all the employees at all levels will be very fruitful. There is a need for the company to prepare well and be well equipped with the relevant skills which will take care of public relations. This will ensure that the company meets the demands of all complaints.

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