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Generation of Lazy Young People

Most of the youths today have a lot of information compared to the earlier days but they need all of it for granted. Instead of having to go to the library to do research through a pile of books and encyclopedia for related information and correct answers, they opt to go and perform a basic Google query and the answers come out automatically in a few seconds. This has enabled the youths to create and share more information because even those that are extremely lazy in finding information, can easily Google and find the answers. For example, someone who is in Africa can tell what is happening to those who are in Europe or other parts of the world. There are different outlets, which have enabled, the youths to communicate and these includes the Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Tumbler, Digg and many others. They stay more connected to what is happening in one another's lives. The long time ago the means of sending information around the world was exceedingly limited but, today it has become easier and extremely cheap. News of a Tsunami happening in Haiti reaches Asia in less than time than it takes for the aftershocks to occur.

This connectedness has allowed people to gather more information from the entire world, which has made the reporting of news about wars, anger, poverty and also images and videos are accessed from the frontline. As a result, people are able to tell what happening where. The ability to find information and reliance on this gratification is dumping down the youths of today. Instead of gaining this knowledge in their heads, they access the information and dump it. For example in colleges and universities, students are given assignments whereby they need to go research and gather information, they don't usually do this they just Google on the Internet and immediately after getting the answers they do away with that information and they don't care anymore. Most of the youths, especially in the developed countries do ordinary things like shopping and also ordering food from the Internet has made them lazier which has even led to unhealthy diseases like diabetes because of lack of exercise.

The sharing of information has also led to the destruction of language whereby instead of typing all the extra letters to spell the word properly, many youths have opted to use the shorthanded words like, OMG, LOL, ASAP, etc and they have been able to influence each other. The Internet has also affected the way people talk, one person from the state starts to talk in a certain language and she or he influences someone who is in Africa, within a short time, the language rotates all over and people are able to use that language to communicate to one another. All the above examples not only make the youth's dumper but they have also made them exceptionally lazy and fat.

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