Healthcare Financial Challenges

There are quite a number of potential causes that are believed to have necessitated the financial challenges and related problems like bad debts, Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement according to many were some of the major contributors to the health financial problem. If speculation is anything to go by, there are quite a number of possible explanations that may be used to describe the increased profligate spending on health care. According to Williams, M and Flanders's,one of the measures that should be taken to help reduce the problem by slowing down the rising cost of Medicare and health care for the past few years is to carry out an audit. Three causes of the problem stand out clearly from a list of some of the possibilities. Among the new medical equipment and technology in the hospitals, tired and older population, and finally rising incomes. The actions taken to basically counter some of the effects of these problems would need to counter some of the main dynamics of the ongoing developments. In order to halt the ever increasing upward trend that is seen in the expenditure on health care, individuals ought to be trained and induced to learn how to forego some of the benefits of the new medical technologies and to learn how to use fewer medical and health resources as they grow old, or to learn to spend the income increases only on goods and services which they would place little value on the additional medical care services. It is unfortunate and shortsighted for anyone to believe that one's ability to manage to pay for a rising demand for their health care can come from their one-time savings.

According to Thompson, L and Edward H (2008), most of the studies that were carried out concerning some of the problems that health care faces in revealed that finances proved to be a very major aspect of this problem. Financial challenges were ranked top on the list of medical institutions and hospital chief executive officers' top concerns in most of the surveys that were carried out the last one year. Many cited it as their major concern for the last six or so years, for instance, according to the executives of American College of Healthcare in their annual survey of some of the main issues and problems that are confronting the chief executives of the hospital came up with financial problems as main problems.

In the survey, which is normally sent to each hospital, chief executive officers who are members, had asked the participating respondents to rank order some of the main issues that are adversely affecting their respective hospitals and health institutions in order of importance. They were also asked to identify some of the specific areas of concern that needed attention within their top three burning issues. Most of them also blamed the over spending on some of the strategies that health practitioners use in their attempt to help patients. It's common among most mental health professionals especially the care givers and nurses in psychiatric centers or mental hospitals, to seek to asses and diagnose patients by first of all ascertaining their particular illness or even the circumstances surrounding the mental disorder they are suffering from. Some professionals, like clinical psychologists in some cases, tend to avoid diagnosis and opt for other assessment methods for instance formulation of the client's circumstances and difficulties. Which unfortunately at times backfires forcing them to restart the whole process. According to Carpenito-Moyet, L., (2008), most of the mental health complications are normally assessed and treated by physicians whenever clients approach them during consultations. In some cases, the psychiatrist may just refer the patient for more or further specialist diagnosis depending on how acute or chronic the case may be. Others believe that by using these complex and expensive methods, they will be able to make judgments on the state of the client by basically looking at his or her appearance and how he or she behaves hence being very sure of what they are treating.

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