Hellenistic Greece Influence on “Utopia”

Saint Thomas More wrote utopia in the Latin language in 1516. The utopia was later published in Louvain which is today’s Belgium (Jacob 57). Utopia is satirical work which criticizes the corruption prevailing among the European political leaders and the religious hypocrisy of the people. A catholic Humanist and his close friend are involved in this as well as a philosopher and writer knew as Erasmus (Spielvogel 102). Saint Thomas was a lawyer who served in England territory. Besides him being a lawyer, he was also a philosopher, an author, a statesman as well as a humanist.  Despite all this, he was a vital counselor to Henry V111 from England. Towards his death, he was Lord Chancellor. He had a position as the saint in the Roman Catholic and also in the Anglican Communion. Thomas More chose the title of his writings to as Utopia by which is a name he used to refer to a perfect non-existing island with a well-defined political system. The name of the title was derived from Greek words  ‘ou’ meaning  ‘not’ and ‘topos’ meaning ‘place’. Therefore, utopia stands for no-place-land. Again he was a strongly opposed reformation of Protestants (Spielvogel 56). Not only did he oppose church reformation but also opposed certain people as Martin Luther and William Tyndale. He was born in London at Milk Street on 7th February 1478. He was born to Sir John More and Agnes. In 1505, he was married to Jane Colt as his first wife His children were Margaret, Cicely, Elizabeth and john (Perry 69).

Utopian discusses more private property. Saint more criticizes the Utopian state mostly on how they misuse of the public property.  This is exactly what revolves around many leaders in the present society. Despite the people being corrupt, they observed the communion life. This portrays hypocrisy of great height.  The Utopians regard pride as the main foundation of injuries and crimes (Jacob 57). More says that there is no poverty in Utopia and everybody is employed. This is satirical to the whole state since most of the people are jobless and the employed embrace more pride within themselves in the utopian society, more says there is the freedom of expression. This is satirical to the fact that private activities which include reading philosophies and eating are not fully prioritized. To the Utopians, privacy is a great fear to them (Chase 96).


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Utopia is mentioned as a perfect society. It is definitely known that perfectness does not occur naturally The modern society has depicted a paradise resembling the Biblical garden Eden Western civilization is the change of the Greek society from a localized state to democratic and open states. Some parts of the Middle East and Egypt were ruled by Ptolemy (Chase 123). The Hellenistic kingdom was ruled by many kingdoms were established during various times. During this time, the power and culture of the Greek people prevailed across the whole world (More 213)… Despite utopia being described as a perfect community, the Hellenistic Greece is still living under rulers. Utopian there is an assumption that perfection can only be revealed by uniformity. The agricultural appearance of the utopian environment is not a jungle but an agricultural. In western society, the environment looks more like a jungle. Utopian society varies with the western society by the fact that its physical appearance is more aligned and organized (Tuner 78).

Private ownership does not exist in utopia. People make a request on the things they need and all commodities are stored in open warehouses for every member to access. The doors in utopia have no locks and are allocated to members after a period of ten years. The utopian society members are well educated and respond to the roman and Greek empires. The rulers in utopia are philosophically minded in a way to show virtue, both utopians and western people regard their ancestors and appreciate them (Tuner 45).

Utopian is an imagined place whereby there is a good kind of life with no complications. There is no real place like utopia. The satires discussed in the utopia are the exact problems facing the western society members (More 120). The utopian world has a fairly structured kind of government. This is not the kind of government in western regions in western states; the rule was under Emperors like Heraclius. He is the one who transformed the military nature of the Greek made Greek the official language of the state.  There is a high level of technology in the utopian society. The introduction of high technology brings the hope that some calamities like suffering and death will be eliminated.


Utopia talks about a society that is perfect and undergoes no kind of disruptions. As compared to the western societies, there is a favorable stream of the government system and people are not entitled to democratic privacy (More 79). The western society people are ready to fight for their freedom; there are more evils that dominate within the countries. Mercenaries are hired from the nation’s war body to slash down the people causing wars and leave behind those who are for peace (Tuner 55). This is contrary to utopians that enjoy a cool and peaceful stay in their states.  The nations wanting to prosper will assume the utopian kind of leadership in their nations. The writer of the book, saint more basically satirizes the western government by talking about the utopians. He saw the various problems being undergone by the western people. Saint More discusses this in his book utopia (More 225).

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