High Education

High education is considered by many students an interesting stage in their lives and most students are usually eager to experience the feeling of having additional independence. However, with the independence also come additional responsibilities with regard to doing assignments. In addition, high school also defines a moment when students are required to make important career choices that may affect the rest of their lives.

High school presents many opportunities and challenges and students are often advised to be wary and to practice self discipline. In high schools students always have the privilege of interacting with one another and learning different things from each other. However, for some students there is always the fear of living away from home. Most students especially the ones who have stayed for a long time with family and friends are met with the fear of living in an environment with different people from diverse backgrounds and sometimes even cultures. This kind of fear mostly prevents students from interacting with their peers effectively and this may have diverse implications on their academic performance. Current approaches in education do not only concentrate on academics but on other social aspects such as nurturing socialization skills and how to live in harmony with other. Furthermore, in high schools students always find themselves in situations where they have to make important choices and this circumstances nurture within the students’ skills that will be helpful to the students in future.


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The relations that students engage in when there are in high school are also important due to the influences of peer pressure. Negative relations may jeopardize not only the academic life of a student but also life in general of the students. Negative behaviors such as drug and substance abuse, alcohol abuse and crime are usually blamed on peer pressure. Therefore, it is important that students forge healthy relations that will add value to their lives rather than jeopardize their lives. Family members of students always expect a lot from students and it is only fair that the students take good care of themselves.

High schools gives students hopes of securing good employment and salary that can only come when students work hard in their studies and graduate with good degrees. Therefore, students are always advised to adopt healthy learning skills that will ensure that they study effectively and without engaging in stressful situations or circumstances. Good learning skills are not just intended at passing exams but are also aimed at making students resourceful in areas such as research, writing and decision making. In the UK students are usually expected that after high school they be ready to work in professional environments and it is only important that most skills are nurtured during high school years. Time management is particularly important in high school and in the professional world. Students are therefore always advised to ensure that they manage their time effectively by completing their assignments on time and at the same time not forgetting to have time for extra-curricular activities for health purposes and to avoid stress. Time management should also be complemented with punctuality where students are advised to attend all classes on time and also engage in other resourceful activities.

In the professional world, the skills learnt in school are applicable in more practical circumstances and can be the sole determinant of whether a candidate is employed or whether a candidate is able to retain employment. Even for those students who end up being self employed or those who advance with their education, these skills are very important. In addition, these skills are also applicable in life in general. Therefore, high schools education should be given the importance it deserves.

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