Benefits of Higher Education

Nowadays, the higher education is considered to be the main indicator of the highly-developed country. It provides people with a wide range of possibilities, including work, prosperity, and respect. Moreover, most of the economists determine positive externalities connected with higher education (Moretti 660). It is the most vital element of human existence. Education can help to change humans’ lives for better. Despite the fact that some individuals believe that education is useless, diplomas have deeply ingrained into the contemporary culture. Most of the students are persuaded that with an appropriate education they can achieve the desirable goals. The reason is that studying at the university provides not only the appropriate knowledge but also teaches how to live and behave in the society. Consequently, higher education ensures better life. The diploma paper supplies the accessibility to the highly-paid positions that can lead to the successful and prosperous life. There is a wide range of reasons why education is of paramount importance.

The first reason is the broad accessibility. The diploma paper is a personal indicator of every individual. In contemporary world, each company and institution requires a document that shows the level of knowledge of the particular employee. Consequently, in order to apply for a perspective job, every individual has to possess the diploma paper. If a person wants to have a highly-paid job, he/she has to study at the university. In fact, the diploma paper opens a great variety of possibilities for graduates. Some students can become the employees while the others can set up their own business. It is an absolutely correct fact that higher education is a pledge for success. Nevertheless, it is not very easy to find an appropriate position in the contemporary world. The main reasons can be the unstable political system, lack of experience or lack of certain expertise. Despite the mentioned drawbacks, the individuals who possess a diploma are more likely to obtain the position than ones without credentials. The lack of higher education can lead to the fatal consequences. The bright example can be the level of poverty. According to the survey conducted by Census Bureau, “the poverty rate for single mother households with children under 18 is 49 percent for those who are not high school graduates, 30 percent for high school graduates, 20 percent for those with some college, and 10 percent for those with a bachelor’s degree or higher”(Baum, Ma, and Payea 25).  It proves the fact that education is a weapon in human’s hands. It may help to conquer the world. Moreover, it can reduce the level of poverty in the country.


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The second reason is knowledge. In fact, knowledge is considered to be the vital element of the human existence. Being a clever person is not only prestigious but helpful as well. Everyone, who possesses a certain amount of knowledge, is able to judge and analyze the events in the world. He/she could find correct solutions and prevent undesirable consequences. Accordingly, college is a place that provides all necessary information for students and tools to use it. It supplies the explanation of various theories and investigations in each sphere of human life. Consequently, a student can build his/her personal point of view and defend it. The higher education provides theoretical as well as practical knowledge. Furthermore, college shapes personality. In addition to the academic knowledge, college prepares an individual to the real life. “Early philosophers such as Aristotle and Plato pointed out that education was central to the moral fulfillment of individuals and the well-being of the society in which they live” (OECD 781). It is a place where students form their outlook and study how to live or survive in the real life. The college classes are the place where students cope with many problems, both educational and personal ones. Moreover, the higher education can teach students how to present the personal point of view and persuade people. It provides life lessons for them on which students start changing their way of life and behavior. Studying at college is an enormous experience for every person. It develops human brains and heart. Furthermore, the higher education improves the process of socialization of the individual. Data illustrates that “the adults who have attained higher levels of education are generally more likely than those with lower levels of educational attainment to report stronger civic engagement, in terms of voting, volunteering, political interest, and interpersonal trust”(OECD 783).  Consequently, graduates can bring more benefits to the society and the country.

The third reason is connected to the fact that higher education can be of two types, namely private and state. The individual can decide on the institution where to gain knowledge. There are many advantages and disadvantages concerning the public and private education. In fact, one of the most obvious advantages of the public universities or colleges is low tuition. The reason is connected with the fact that public universities do not rely on the student funding, but on the direct support from the state. One more important advantage is that the public institutions are bigger, and the students can feel more open and comfortable in a greater student population that it provides (“Differences between Public and Private”).

The private institutions are considered to be the most prestigious. Thus, a prestigious future career is opened for the graduates of the private university or college. Moreover, there is strong and personal relationship between students and instructors in the private universities, because there are specific programs developed to enlarge their communication.

Analyzing the mentioned information one may admit that education is just a perfect tool in the government’s hands. The government can make the country more profitable and prosperous if the society is educated. That is why a lot of affords are used in order to improve the education in the country. Nevertheless, there still exists a drawback in the contemporary education.

The main problem that undermines the worth of high education is a high level of dropping out. According to Mr. Tabarrok, “at least 40 percent of students drop out of four-yearn universities before graduation, and it’s even higher out of community colleges” (116). The reason can be connected with inappropriate attitude towards the apprenticeship. The government has to boost the programs that can provide the skillful workers. In contemporary world, a lot of students are pushed to conduct the vocational training. It does not have any benefits for both individual and society. Andrew Delbanco once said that “we don’t want a system where people are tracked from early on” (116). In other words, individuals should be interested in obtaining the education. It will not be forced. Consequently, “the University should be a place for reflection for the young to explore areas of human experience, to be fully aware of history and the arts” (116). The mentioned data proves the fact that the dropout rate depends on various factors. The first one is indifference and unwillingness to study. The classes can lack creativity and innovation. It is a fault of the education system. Therefore, the government should encourage students to participate in the learning process. The second fact is the level of pressure that students undergo before entering the higher institution. Most of the parents try to assure children in the importance of the obtaining certain kind of education. The problem is that they force children to enter the university because of their own desire. Moreover, they persuade to get the specialty that is vital and interesting for them but not to the children. Thus, the education has to be liberal. Individual has to decide on her/his own what type of education will be valuable for him/her. It will not only satisfy the individual but also boost the prosperity of the country.

 In conclusion, education is considered to be an integral part of the human existence. It fulfills numerous functions. Firstly, it provides access to the better life, as the individual can apply to a highly-paid job and can receive job satisfaction respectively. Secondly, higher education provides great academic knowledge and teaches how to perceive the world better. It prepares students to real life and provides important lessons for success. Thirdly, the individual can choose what kind of institution he/she can enter since there two types of higher education, namely private and public. Despite the existence of the drawbacks connected with the high dropout rate, the higher education remains one of the important components of the human life. The strong and well-developed society is based on the intelligent youth. Consequently, the government should pay attention to the development of the education in the country. Moreover, it should improve the state of education each year. If the education system works perfectly, the society will prosper. That is why it is paramount to gain higher education in order to be satisfied and successful in a happy society.

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