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Hiring of Human Resource

Experience and qualifications for the new positions within an organization remain one of the aspects that the human resource department has to really consider when recruiting. However, this is not the case with TerraCycle. According to Szaky, experience and credentials are not given much consideration while hiring new employees. The employees who are hired on the basis of their experience and credentials often do not bring new ideas into the business. Instead, they promote maintenance of status-quo which is not what business firms are looking for.

The hiring of fresh graduates from colleges with one or two years of experience is considered cost effective and strategic for the management's succession planning. This implies that the management can expand its human resource base by having extra money to hire two or more employees. Whereas experience and credentials cannot be totally assumed, expansion requires fresh ideas and attitude that is open to learning new ideas. Hiring experienced employees is valuable particularly in science, finance, and law but not in a business with great potentials for growth.

Lessons Leant

The hiring of new employees must not always be pegged on experience and credentials. Recruitment of fresh college graduates is healthy for a business firm that is seeking to expand its operations and grow. This is because unlike the experienced personnel, the fresh graduates are innovative, open to change, creative and above all, cheaper to hire. This is particularly better for small and expanding medium sized businesses with great growth potentials.

Besides, the hiring process can be made cheaper by use of cheap advertisement sites. Recruiters are thus not paid. This enables the management to have more resources for recruiting as many personnel as its resources can stretch. In the recruitment process, determining of the candidate's commitment to the organization and the work is sometimes important than being rigid and glued on the experience and qualifications of the candidate to be recruited.

Relevance to the Course Content

The course generally concerns itself with the understanding of the issues of human resource management and how the management of any firm can handle them. The hiring of employees is one of the fundamental roles of the human resources department. Determination of the qualifications, experience and skills of candidates for vacant positions to be filled is an important aspect of the human resource functions of any firm. Human resource hiring and recruitment process is thus a critical aspect of the course content.

Personal Opinion of Hiring Human Resources

Although all firms target cutting overhead cost in all business operations and functions, priority must be given to the quality of the human resource that is being hired. Over-emphasis on hiring more employees at a cheaper cost may compromise the productivity of the business. In my opinion, a good human resource hiring process should factor in both experience and the ability of the new recruits to bring in new, creative and innovative ideas to the business.

Experienced workers are valuable in any organization because of the social capital that they bring to the organization. Therefore, the hiring process and decisions should be more objective so as to tap experienced as well as creative and innovative minds in the organization. Besides, this model may only be practical to small and medium-sized businesses with high growth potential levels. This is where more hiring at cheaper costs can be quite relevant. The approach can thus not be applied in all the business and all the recruitment processes in every organization. A balance between experienced employees and fresh graduates is better than over-emphasis on the cheaper hiring of inexperienced employees.

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