History- Lincoln

The base for the problem regarding racism has been embedded in the minds of certain classes of people and it is very important to remove that attitude. It is the only way by which the problem can be abolished. To take it into action the Government must aim the little children and make them understand the evils of racism. It might be helpful for the children, in many cases successfully persuade their elders to stay away from the unhealthy practice. Abolishing racism is not a very easy task, and in many cases, it might take a long time. What is important is to abolish it and the Government has to take every possible step to ensure that the ill practice never returns to America. It is very important to penalize every person who will be termed as racist, and it might be effective in a way.But still, it is important to make the people aware about the evils of racism.

There is a huge debt in the country at this point in time. And after the Civil War, there is the question of rebuilding the country. And in a way, this is the most important question that is in the mind of the Government now. It is very important to increase the income of the Government and to do that the government should not overburden the taxpayers. It might make the taxpayers to lose faith in the Government. So, they will have to find out new avenues of income. One can be setting up factories throughout the country and start business with other countries which might earn them hefty revenue. It is also very important to find out the natural resources of the country and the government has to decide in which ways the natural resources of the country will help the government to capitalize on the resources. The development of farming is very important in the aspect also. All these factors can contribute to revenue earning of the government. These will help the people to earn money, and it will improve the living conditions too. The government should try to improve the scientific researches that are going throughout the country so that they can invent some useful machinery that will make the advance of the United States possible. Also, it will be important to make professional partnerships with some of the developed western countries, which will surely help the development process of the country.

The South is a very important part of the United States of America, and it is very important that it stays so. A huge amount of concentration will have to be focused on the South. The Southern people have to believe in the Government so the Government has to take several initiatives to bring them back to the main focus of the country. It is very important to place some prominent members of the South to give a place in the Government so that their voices can be directly heard.

Here we should not forget about the elite class of the South, and also we must not forget that the loss has given them a setback, but they can come back strongly and unleash an attack on the Government. To have a very close look on the Southern elite, it is very important to form an intelligence department in the Government whose main duty will be focused on the forces that can be dangerous against the institution of Government. The department has to be powerful and it has to be run by people on which we can believe. This department will surely become an asset of the American Government in future. The security of the country will be hugely dependent on these people and they will have to be one of the main pillars of the constitution of the United States of America.

The freed slaves are another important aspect. Actually, these slaves have not seen any type of freedom in their entire lives and so it might be very hard for them to understand the meaning of freedom and subsequently live with the freedom. The government has to provide work for the slaves so that they could live respectfully in the society. Along with that, the slaves has to be educated so that they could differ between the good and bad of the society. The slaves who worked in plantations and other farming related sectors will be working in similar places, and those working in factories will be working in the factories. The government has to look after the issues that they could not break the peace of the society.

The main aspect of reconstructing a country is to unify the citizens so that they work for a common goal, the well being of the country. All the above-mentioned aspects will not be satisfied if the people do not participate wholeheartedly and the abolitionists will have to take important positions as the leaders of the people. It is one of the biggest responsibilities for them to reconstruct the country from the scratch, so that the United States of America will show the World the path of development and by the participation of all the freedom loving people of the United States of America the country will one day become the leader of the World. In all the different sectors of the life, they will have to shine, and in doing so the country will get rid of its debt and finally earn so that the people can live a respectable life.

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