HIV Peer Counseling: Empowering Perspectives

The article that I am going to discuss is HIV Peer Counseling and the Development of Hope: Perspectives from Peer Counselors and Peer Counseling Recipients. The article is written by Gregory E. Harris and evaluates the need for peer involvement in the fight against HIV. The writer starts the article by giving a clear meaning of HIV. He then in a swift way zeros in the need to have engaged peer education in fighting the vice. The article discusses a very important issue in a language that is both entertaining and simple. He does not use vocabularies but maintains to deliver his message home. To make the subject of HIV to be more understood by the reader, the writer uses graph and statistics to explain how the tread of disease has changes with time. At any one time when he uses a certain material he cites the material using APA, stands. This is both in-text and in the references page.

Reading the article it is an article that provides for guidelines that are applicable in today's life to assist in the fight against HIV. The way he portrays the issues is in a simple way that can be understood by the reader (Harris & amLarsen, 2007).

The article is written in simple English that is easily understood. As one reads the article, it does not tell someone on what to do when in management but it works with a person to look for a solution to a problem that it has created. There are exercises that are later discussed and this gives the reader a chance to exercise what he has read. It is an article that assists someone to realize his or her potential in leadership and management.

To the reader, the article touches all areas of peer education more so when HIV is concerned and portrays a reader not as a person to make things happen but as one top pioneer thing. This is a concept that he has brought so well that when one is reading the journal he grasps the right picture of a manager. I would thus recommend it for students.

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