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Hooper the Painter

  1. Hooper is an impressionist because his paintings are clear meaning they are very visible they almost appear to be real. This means that the painting gives a clear impression of reality and are not just paintings. Some even said that his painting was as good as live.
  2. Hooper's paintings are of an American identity because we are told that he painted sign boards in Chicago. Chicago is one of the states in America. Most of those sign boards were done in America. We also see that from the title of the book that the story is an American tale told in American schools.
  3. Hooper worked in the period of 1920 because that was the time that he started painting for people and then later his work started selling.
  4. He mostly painted features of New York City. He painted the streets, forests, birds, and all the other natural features that made up new York city including people.

Hooper felt opposed to abstraction because most of his work appeared real. He did not do paintings to represent the real thing but rather his aim was to bring out the real image of what he was painting. In his opinion, people needed to face reality and they could only get it by having images that appeared to be real to them. An abstract did not provide the reality that Hooper wanted and so he tried as much to avoid abstraction in his work. The people that he painted for at some point even started complaining that the paintings did not look like paintings and that they looked real. They found that scary and they even stopped giving Hooper painting jobs because he made his paintings look real. This is what Hooper really wanted, reality.

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