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International trade and immigration allow people from all occupations and lifestyles to travel everywhere they want. Immigration has always been a major international issue. However, the United States still faces it today. Thousands of people flee from a tyranny, economic and social unfairness, and poverty in their countries. Some of them know that the US is a country where all things are possible. They are sure that it is the state of opportunities. There are two types of immigration: legal and illegal. On the one hand, it is a solution for immigrants. They sacrifice many things due to their new lives and the American Dream in a new country. However, these both types of immigration cause enormous problems for the nation. People who arrive in the US take jobs from its citizens because they work for lower wages. They also receive health care and monetary funds that initially citizens of the United States pay to their country. Illegal immigrants are often uneducated and poor people. Thus, the government has to overview this issue. It should put some limitations on the number of immigrants who arrive in the US each year. This paper will discuss the impact of immigration on business, nonprofit organizations, and the government. It will also review some solutions of the problem of immigration.

Immigration will always remain an important and serious issue for the United States of America. The largest influx of immigrants usually is from Latin America, especially Mexicans and Central Americans (Brick, Challinor, & Rosenblum, 2011). By 2003, almost 10 percent of Mexicans had immigrated to the US. They have comprised nearly thirty percent of all foreigners in America (Borjas, 2007). The issue of immigration from Latin America has always been disputable and debatable. People have some concerns that the influx of low-skill workers will affect their cultural, political, and economic lives. In comparison to Native Americans, Mexican and Central Americans are younger, married males with children. The better part of them are the US born citizens. They have the lowest education level among all immigrants. Their workforce potential is high, but their income is very low. They earn the smallest amount of money among Americans and other immigrants. It is necessary to day that about one-third of them live on a breadline. However, their children born in America obtain a higher education and have higher incomes in comparison to their parents (Brick et al., 2011). Thus, people fear that they will fully assimilate one day and create a new class in America (Borjas, 2007).


Mexican immigrants have an impact on business, nonprofit organizations, and government. Some people state they affect them in a positive way. Others suggest that they cause a detrimental effect. Nijkamp, Poot, and Sahin (2012) suggest that diversity brings positive results in business organizations. They have obtained data from 250 companies in the US. They have showed racial and gender differences associate with an increased number of customers, higher sales revenue, and higher profits (Nijkamp et al., 2012). Creativity caused by immigrants and cultural diversity have both showed these positive results. Nijkamp, Poot, and Sahin (2012) explain that a difference in working environments initiates the economic and innovative growth.

Benavidez (2006) in his article states that illegal immigrants made their fake social security cards and achieved jobs, which US citizens could have had. They are not cleaning villas of wealthy people, but they have state jobs at public schools and fast food companies. They work as construction builders of hotels, factories, restaurants, cafes, and educational establishments. They have jobs that every US born citizen would want to have. For instance, McDonald’s franchise employs thousands of immigrants (Benavidez, 2006). The author states that instead of Mexican immigrants, the company could higher more students or summer programs trainees. It could be worthy and valuable experience for them and earn pocket money that young people need.

The impact of Mexican immigrants on non-governmental organizations is immense. Nonprofit organizations play a vital role in decreasing migration, human and economic problems. They try to provide any emergency support to a new immigrant. Such organizations develop some networks to provide illegal immigrants being without any documents with food and shelter. They may also fulfill any other needs of a person, even a psychological one. Some of them let immigrants call home or provide their relatives with some information about them. Nowadays, nongovernmental organizations help people with legal counseling or job training. Another important task of NGOs is to assist legislative changes in the immigration system (LeRoux & Feeney, 2015).

The League of United Latin American Citizens is the oldest voluntary organization that fights for civil rights. Mexicans found it during the time when despite their contribution to the USA Latin Americans were facing the denial of human rights. Its primary purpose was to Americanize immigrants and “develop within the members the best and the most loyal citizens of the US” (Orozco, 2009). The LULAC fought for an equal political and educational opportunity for all Latin Americans. Due to this organization, people finally had a chance to defend themselves. There were hard times for Latin Americans back then.

Sometimes immigrants strive to adapt to the culture of the country, in which they have arrived. At the same time, they want to preserve their cultural identity. One of the ways to achieve this aim is to create ethnic nonprofit organizations. One of the most common types of them is Mexican immigrant non-profit organizations. They operate in all fifty states of America. Their large-scale task is to provide help to immigrants, improve their living conditions, ease their integration into the culture of the US, and preserve their cultural roots (Amaya, 2011). These organizations also enable immigrants to obtain education. It usually means to learn the language and improve the cultural background. They receive their funding sources from the Mexican government and should follow all the regulations provided by it. If needed, they should provide a list of expenses of their nonprofit organizations. They should also exclude any benefit of privacy, intervention in politics, legislature and terroristic actions. If they violate any laws provided by America or Mexico, the government must shut it down. There exist some limitations on donation of money by other countries (Amaya, 2011).

Mexicans comprise the largest group of US immigrants. Today, Mexican and Central Americans make up nearly forty percent of all immigrants, which came to America, and five percent of the total US population (Brick et al., 2011). There are three groups of immigrants: lawful permanent residents, temporary non-immigrants, and unauthorized aliens. However, Mexicans represent the fourth, additional group of foreigners born in the US. All immigrants enter America only in one of those three categories. Lately, the government does everything to help Mexican immigrants to become legal citizens of America. For instance, in 2013, the Administration of President together with the Members of Congress passed a package of CIR. It is a comprehensive immigration reform. Both parties supported this bill. Moreover, American citizens did not object (Brick et al., 2011). The President Barack Obama tries to improve the immigration system, strengthen the country’s economy, and protect families as well as American society. The reform will give a particular right to parents whose children are citizens of the US or to those who have lived there for more than five years (Brick et al., 2011). They will exempt from deportation. It will happen if they register with the governmental institutions or pay taxes. They will also expand their legal inflow, legalize unauthorized aliens, and create control over a new migration system.

American citizens are aware of the problem of immigration. Some of them are against this process. They know that immigrants take jobs away from them only because of a lower payment. They pay taxes, they work hard, and then the government helps immigrants receive health care or funds them with this money. The immigrants can also obtain education, welfare, and money that come from the wallets of regular US citizens. Usually, they are not paying taxes. Besides, they do not care about the problems in America.

Some people believe that there should be limitations on the number of immigrants allowed to enter the country each year. There must also be a stricter border control. The government should provide severe punishments and charge the penalty to make companies understand and not hire illegal immigrants. There are so many facts about how easy it is to cross the border today. People state that nowadays immigrants can walk across the border, and no one will notice or catch them. That is the reason for why there is a great number of illegal and unauthorized aliens in the country. However, even the police catch these people. They will try it again the next day. The Administration of President should take measures before it is too late.

There is the American Immigration Control Foundation in the US founded in 1983 (LeMay, 2007). It strives to control and reduce illegal immigration. The AIC Foundation also tries to raise awareness of public of immigration issues (LeMay, 2007).

There is a benefit of being illegal alien in case they have their children born in the US. Thus, they automatically receive citizenship or police cannot deport them. The government should also lower the number of legal immigrants. Today, more than half-million people have a legal access to the country. Some people suggest that they should reduce this number at least for a half. There are so many problems that the US citizens face today. The most widespread of them are poverty, AIDS, cancer, and a high rate of unemployment. There is no need for the American government to deal with problems of immigration when they have a great number of current problems in the country.

There is also no need to give any preferences to people of other gender, race or ethnic group. Thus, educated citizens of America or even immigrants should always get a good job and a high salary. Immigrants with a higher education can make the US prosper and flourish. Thus, the government must stimulate them to immigrate to America. Poor workers who are working for a minimum wage cannot replace educated people.

With so much going on in the US nowadays, there is a need to worry about citizens and e US born people rather than save the entire world. If the government solves all the problems, especially related to economy and poverty, then it can start taking care of immigrants. However, it does not mean that America should completely give up on people who arrive. They should still provide financial help, but try to reduce the influx of immigrants. Even though, there are sometimes positive sides of immigration, the negative impact is immense. Immigrants have a huge influence on business, nonprofit organizations, and the government. There will be better if the government provides jobs to its own citizens rather than people who come from other countries. However, if the immigration is legal and people pay taxes, then it will have no adverse effects for the economy of the country. Immigrants should always remember that they would always stay aliens in the USA unless they manage to work and live properly, according to the US laws.

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