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Input For the Future Projects

A-Team's project largely went on as planned. The project that involved additional construction, with Mr. Joe Homeowner as the client, met its objectives and goals as planned. In terms of scope of work and time allocated, the project accomplished all the tasks appropriately. There was cohesiveness among team members, a quite instrumental condition in projects of this nature. It was interesting to see members of A-Team construction project cooperate to resolve emerging issues. This was mainly because the project adopted divisional team structure that proved to be workable throughout the course.

The project was quite versatile in the sense that, it was very easy for supervisors to do their work. In general, accountability was quite easy simply because of the kind of the team structure that the project adopted. In future projects of this nature, I will strongly recommend that divisional team structure is utilized. Measurable goals were clearly defined and this made it easy for the manager and other stakeholders to gauge the progress of the project. It was easy for interested parties to assess the project. This helped reduce misunderstandings between the management and the client. I am happy to note that future projects should borrow from A-Team's example in terms of defining measurable goals.

However, not all things went as planned. The project was constrained financially. Most of the activities had to be altered to fit into the new budget that was reduced by about 30%. There was some resource allocation alteration in terms of finance and labor. This almost affected the outcome of the project. Some members had to do more work than was recommended. I strongly suggest that in future, good quotations and unplanned budgeting need to be seriously considered beforehand. This will prevent unnecessary team and client falls out.

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