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Introduction to Management

The work of a manager is quite diverse as it is dependent on the position and nature of work. A manager ought to accomplish eight different duties in consideration of being versatile and well suited. These are organizing, staffing, planning, decision making, control, supervision, leadership as well as representation. They are distinguished from normal functions that would be selling, fundraising and such like activities that differ according to the type of company. However, the eight functions are essential in any situation that requires the services of a competent manager.

A skillful manager should have a flair for planning and organization. The personnel in a company are primarily put into their positions to achieve the best possible coordination and performance in their tasks. This should not change with the planning which should be the deliberate setting of events and objectives as well as the procedures used to accomplish them. The manager interviewed set an exemplary example in both fields that are essential to the job description applied. Of course, there are situations that would take a project off the course, but how the leader would respond determines their adaptability at this job.

The manager interviewed passed in all apparent aspects of the test given, and it is the view of the board that he gave a telling example of what a manager would aspire to be especially. Thus, in this view, he should not disappoint the hopes of the board for the company. The interviewee displayed a fantastic deal of skill when it came to decision making. That would be a result of experience in the job. The board realized this through application questions offered to him describing precarious and normal situations, and his response. The reaction was quite satisfactory and thus selected as the man for the job.

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