Global Jihadist Movement

Global Jihadist Movement

After September 11th attack of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon in the United State killing thousands of people and injuring many others, the war towards terrorism took a different toll. The United States adopted a new mechanism of nailing terrorists in the endeavor to protect her citizens and her allies from these merciless killers. The zeal to combat the global jihadist movement, which is inclusive of groups like Al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups associated to it has become the new pressing security challenge that is facing the Western world and more particularly the United States.

The global jihadist movement is differentiable from the traditional jihad in the fact that global jihadist movement targets the United States and her allies across the world and pursues expansive geopolitical aims while local jihad are armed campaigns by Islamist groups in opposition of local adversaries and with limitation of aims (Rabasa, et al., xv).

Western Way of War and Global Jihadist Movement

Hanson in his book "Who Killed Homer" provides the clearest exposition of the western way of war. The exposition presents the eight qualities characterizing the peculiar Greek war approach, as derived from the west itself, persisting on western culture. Several traits of this approach place the global jihadist movement at a very vulnerable position, such that its survival is truly threatened.

Advanced technology: With the unsurpassed improvement and excellence in weapons, armor and technology, the global jihadist movement has been tracked down and many of its attempts to attack the various centers nullified (Skelly 1). With such counter technology, the movement has become unsuccessful in most of its endeavors. The greatest challenge of the movement has been coordinating and mobilizing its members with advanced technology used in the western way of war tracking all most communications.

Superior discipline: The western way of war is characterized by thorough and extensive training in readiness of accepting commands. Superior discipline emanates from such a training making the soldiers effective and efficient in their duties (Skelly 2). The soldiers under this system attack whatever they are directed to with thoroughness. Such an approach ensures that all bases of the movements are thoroughly destroyed consequently diminishing all prospects of the movement.

Ingenuity in response: Hanson observed that western way of war is characterized by intellectual tradition uncensored and unfettered by the government or religious institutions seeking constant improvement of the military challenge's face. The implication of these to global jihadist movement is an extensive destruction of the movement. With an integrity approach, the movement's deals have been unearthed, exposed and quashed before maturity. The global jihadist movement's operations have consequently become vulnerable and impossible.

A moral opposition to militarism: Ubiquity of political, religious, artistic, and literary pressure groups demanding explication and justification of war and occasional arrest the unwise military force application. Hanson and Heath (2001, p. 61-62) observed that there is a notion of dissent beginning with Greeks with the war been not the preferred course of events rather a great tragedy of human condition.


The western way of war has been quit successful in combating the global jihadist movement. Without such a radical approach, as employed by the U.S., terrorism would take root in many countries making life bitter and hard for all the allies of the United States. The various traits of this approach to combating terrorism have been quite successful: The key habitation nations for global jihadist movement such as Iraq, and Afghanistan and the key leaders have been tamed destroying the major operational bases and reducing their ability to keep up with terrorist activities across the globe. The global jihadist movements are now more vulnerable, and exposed consequently making them unsuccessful in most of their endeavors; all credit goes to the western way of war employed in anti-terrorism approach.

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