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Job Description and Recruiting Strategies Worksheet


The interviewee is John Newman who works as a sales and marketing executive. A sales and marketing executive position comprises two functions, which are essential to creating a new commerce. Besides, sales and marketing managers are categorized as vice presidents or directors. A sale and marketing executive is a senior-level expert that works directly with a president and a chief executive officer of a company in order to make certain that their sales and marketing plans adjust to general business goals. One should notice that Newman’s position can be divided into two positions, which are a sales manager and a marketing manager. Therefore, it can be mentioned that John accomplishes twice more tasks than it is usual for an average manager. In fact, a sales and marketing executive is usually represented by a sales executive who also deals with some of the marketing responsibilities, business needs and duties. A person who obtains this position usually helps to create, approve and proofread advertisements. Besides, he or she also is supposed to decide on the magazines that a company will use in order to place their advertisements there. This person also decides which buy-and-sell demonstrations a company will attend, and in which actions to take part. In other words, he or she decides if a company needs to organize any kind of parties or to sponsor any kind of tournaments and expand other sponsorships in order to maintain the existing audience and customers as well as to attract new ones. However, a manager does not need to accomplish all the tasks himself/herself since he or she can share some tasks with his or her subordinates. Therefore, he or she does not need any special background in promotions, advertising, marketing and public media and social media relations. In this interview, he reveals the specifics of his job; moreover, the conducted interview will help to identify the duties that are associated with John’s position, as well as any skills and abilities necessary for the position.


Job Description Based on the Conducted Interview

The main purpose of this job is to create a plan for sales and direct marketing activities, and further, of course, to carry this plan out. The main point here is developing and maintaining sales of a company to certain specifiers and accounts as it was pointed out agreed in the created business plans.

Among the major accountabilities and responsibilities of the analyzed job, one can outline developing and maintaining a computerized prospect and customer databases. In addition, a sales and marketing executive must create a reasonable plan for direct activities concerning the market, such as direct mail, and to carry it out in terms of volumes of sales, timescales, product mix, agreed budgets and values. Besides, it is highly needed to develop various helpful ideas and create different reasonable offers for the market and direct mail with the help of the key market sector. Moreover, it is important to mention such duties as following up enquiries of sales and responding to them by telephone, posts, and even personal visits. A sales and marketing executive is also responsible for involving and attracting new customers, and, at the same time, maintaining the existing ones by the means of connection with internal order-processing team and a properly planned account support that must be based on an individual approach. Among the other rather important duties of a sales and marketing executive are controlling the activities and reporting them in order to provide significant management information. Conducting customer and competitor surveys and carrying out a market research are also up to a person who obtains the analyzed position. Such an employee should check if software and equipment are suitable for the purposes of sales reporting and direct marketing and create reports of the results. Besides, it is necessary to maintain their suitability if it is appropriate and improve if in case it is not. Furthermore, a sales and marketing executive is obliged to interact and attend various meetings with other companies in order to get to know about more functions and create new agreements that can be helpful for performing particular duties and developing business and an organization as a whole. Controlling external activities of a marketing agency and telemarketing is also included to the list of job responsibilities for the given position.

Undoubtedly, in order to achieve all the set goals of a sales and marketing executive, a person needs to have certain skills, knowledge and abilities, and sometimes also qualifications and experience. The main skill and ability that is required for the position is multitasking, because, as one can see, there is a great number of responsibilities and duties that a sales and marketing executive must conduct. Moreover, it often happens that there is not enough time to accomplish tasks separately, one by one. As a result, an employee needs to accomplish them simultaneously. Among other skills that are required for the position, one can identify the ability to manage one’s time, the skill of communicating both with customers and partners, and a creative approach for accomplishing various tasks and making decisions. Therefore, as any other job, this one also requires attending various trainings in order to develop and improve one’s relevant skills and knowledge for even better accomplishing of all the above mentioned responsibilities and tasks that an employee may get in a working process.

Regarding any physical work at this position, one can say that there is a complete absence of it. The reason is that all the responsibilities and accountabilities of the position of a sales and marketing manager require mental work, skills, abilities and creativity.

Naturally, in order to obtain a position of a sales and marketing manager, a person needs to suit to some particular requirements that concern his or her education. For instance, people who seek for a position of a sales and marketing executive need to have a Bachelor of Business Administration, marketing, or any other related degree. Nevertheless, many employers may also require MBA or a Master’s Degree for a position. Besides, as a manager progresses in his or her career, it is highly recommended to improve and develop his or her education, skills, etc. Among helpful and effective programs for this task, one may outline various manager trainings, which offer different courses. These courses include product and brand management trainings, evaluation and sales management trainings, market research trainings, marketing communication trainings, telemarketing trainings, organizational communication and direct sales trainings.


Taking all the above-mentioned information into consideration, one can state that marketing and sales are, in fact, two different aspects of managerial work. While marketing implements various strategies that are supposed to aid in product pricing, development, promotions, and distribution, sales reserve a new trade. Usually, mixing two positions into one occurs in small organizations that have narrow target audience profiles or product lines. Consequently, according to the job description of a sales and marketing executive, one can see that John Newman accomplishes the responsibilities of both positions – sales and marketing manager. The emphasis of his duties is on strategies of sales, which are supported by marketing tricks that are restricted to promotional endeavors. In addition, one can see from the job description that this position is mainly oriented on sales. Regarding marketing, one can state that the position focuses only on some of the marketing aspects, including promotion, media and social campaigns, as well as advertising.

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